The Next Generation Doodling: 3D Drawing Pen

3D Drawing Pens: the future for the artistic world?

The greatest thinkers of the world have all left their thoughts or imaginations on paper. Think of everyone who has come up with a theory, invented something or even started a religion. From Aristotle, Carl Max, to da Vinci. All of them wrote their thoughts somewhere. Traditionally a pen and a paper were the basic requirements for you to document your imagination. However, for whatever you have written to come out as read to someone else would require the other party to also imagine. Thanks to 3D pens that struggle is now over. These drawing pens come with unlimited possibilities and allow you to present your ideas in such a way that another person will easily identify and share in your imagination.

What Are 3D Pens?

Art, which includes writing, has evolved tremendously over the years. The pen and pen are still viewed as the writing tools that most people in the world identify with. These enable people to write or draw in 2D. In 2013, the new generation 3D pens hit the market with a bang! The 3D doodle, which donít require a solid platform for drawing or writing were an almost instant hit since they gave a different approach to art. Creating 3D doodles can be done on air and therefore donít restrict one to a studio.

How do 3D Pens Work?

3D pens are designed with a technology that can heat up plastic and expel it in a molten form thatís easily solidified on contact to air. These plastic, (or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene for some pens) have natural properties that make it possible for them to be structured into petite filaments. The filaments are then fed into the pen from one end, heated through the pens heating mechanism, and then extruded from the other end. Different models utilize different heating mechanism, from rechargeable batteries to plugged power outlets. You use the molten material oozed out to form solid materials as itís easily cooled by air or in some models you can harden the material using UV light.

A simple guideline for using 3D Pens

There is no special know-how required to be able to use 3D pens is expressing your artistic creations. Even better, both left handed and right handed people can use 3D pens as it does not have any limitations. Below are simple steps that will show you just how easy using 3D pens areÖ

  1. Initiate the heating mechanism in the pen by plugging it to a power supply. If your model uses batteries, simply turn the pen on.
  2. Use the user guideline to plastic strands into the pen.
  • Pens come with different control settings for filament extrusion flow amount, speed and also for changing the color of filament. Check the controls that your pen has and tailor it to your preference.
  1. There are models with built-in LED indicator that will alert you when the pen is ready to use.
  2. Once the molten plastic starts flowing you can begin making your doodles.


What are the available options for doodling?

Unlike in 2Dís pen, pencil and paper, 3D pens 3D pens give out unlimited possibilities for artistic creations. Basically you can create any doodle from childish designs, design decorations or jeweler, to expert architectural designs.

Since 3D pens are overly flexible, the outcome or quality of your doodle will in most cases depend on your expertise, experience or patience. Everybody and anybody can use 3D pens, except in most cases children below 12 years of age are prohibited due to the risk of burning. The most amazing part is that even doodles that are created by kids or beginners are eye magnet since they are tangible, realistic and attractive.

Who Can Purchase 3D Pens?

With new technologies coming up every single day, I understand the worry over price of gadgets. Thankfully, 3D pens are not even nearly as pricey as most technological gadgets in the market today. The best part about investing in a 3D pen is that it can be a great tool for having the whole family participating in a creative activity. Younger kids, supervised by adults, can develop artistic interests and skills on their exposure to doodling. Since 3D doodles create objects in air, you can travel with your pen to the location that inspires you the most. Also, adults can create models of different things and even use these for presentations or to simply decorate their homes.

Are 3D Pens just for Doodling?

When you invest in a 3D pen, you invest in a multi-purpose futuristic gadget. Apart from doodling, you can also use 3D pens to repair broken items in the house like coffee mugs or microwaves, comes in handy, huh?

Once you see the potential that 3D pens present, you will realize that all youíre loved once deserve to have one in their homes. You can therefore take the opportunity to gift them with this unique and rare gadget during special occasions like valentines, birthdays and Christmas.

Is there a future for 3D pens?

3D pens are a new invention, and like all new things there is still room for a lot of improvement. Newer technologies are producing more efficient and reliable pens. Improvements are being made on nozzle designs to ensure finer doodles, controls are being repositioned and enhanced to reduce physical barriers that make doodling challenging and even heating and cooling mechanisms are being improved to reduce the time for producing doodles.



There has definitely not been a more fun time to live than now. There also has never been a cooler artistic invention. The only way you can join in the fun and keep up with art is getting your hands on one of these gadgets. With a 3D pen, you will never be wrong fun.

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