Monocure 3D Resin Review

In this Monocure 3D Resin review, we take an overview of the materials from the Australian manufacturer to see what you can expect in terms of properties and quality of print.

Today, we’ll be looking at a new range of resins produced by the Australian company, Monocure3D. The company was established in 1979 and has vast experience in manufacturing 3D printing resins.

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Monocure 3D Resin Review

To begin the lineup, there is the new FLEX100 ™ resin , which can be used to create models with similar properties to rubber.

Watch the video below for an overview of the resin.

The Monocure 3D Flex100 resin comes in natural color. However, you can use pigment to get the shade you want.

This resin can also be mixed with regular Monocure3D Rapid resin. As a result, the wear resistance of the models made from the resin increase and the models become less fragile. The reverse process is also possible, i.e.,  adding Rapid to the FLEX100 ™ resin. You can do so to reduce the flexibility of your models.

Here are the main characteristics of the Monocure3D FLEX100 resin:

  • Shore Hardness is 12 D (or 25 A).
  • Available in 0.5 liter bottles.

In addition, the Monocure3D resin line has been expanded with two new colors; green and metallic gray. The characteristics of both green resin and metallic gray are similar to all Rapid resins:

Green Monocure3D Rapid remains deep green after curing:

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Monocure 3D Resin Review 3

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Monocure3D metallic gray is ideal for printing figurines or other decorative items. The models come out with a smooth shiny silver surface. If you need to photograph a resin model, metallic gray is great. This is probably the most “photogenic” resin on the market.

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Monocure3D Rapid green and metallic gray come in liter bottles, as is the case with all other colors.

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