Longer Laser B1 30W Review

Longer has just released a new laser engraver, the Longer Laser B1, which features a powerful laser head module with a power output of 30W. In this guide, we will walk you through the impressive capabilities of the 30W laser head and explain why we believe laser engraving enthusiasts on a budget should seize the opportunity to acquire this unit as soon as possible. I mean, at less than $1000, this is the best budget laser engraver available this year.

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Before we proceed, I want to emphasize the importance of safety precautions when using the Longer Laser B1 30W laser head.

The 30W laser head falls under Category IV classification. With that in mind, please exercise caution and prioritize safety while handling and operating the device.

The laser emitted by the unit can be hazardous to both the skin and eyes, so it is imperative to keep the device out of reach of children. Additionally, always remember to wear appropriate safety goggles when using the laser. Lastly, please note that the laser engraver may produce toxic gases during operation, so ensure that you utilize the machine in a well-ventilated area.

Now that we have addressed the safety concerns, let’s delve into our review of the Longer Laser B1 30W laser engraver.

Longer Laser B1 30W Review

If you’re new to laser engraving and seeking a user-friendly yet powerful unit capable of handling diverse engraving tasks, we have extensively tested numerous laser engravers across various price ranges. Among the options we’ve examined, the LONGER Laser B1 30W laser engraver emerges as a highly competitive choice for budget-conscious beginners.

This machine comes with all the bells and whistles that we love about Longer laser engravers. You can see our review of previous models such as the LONGER RAY5 5.5W laser engraver.

The new Longer Laser B1 has a thinner and longer focal length(50mm), yet stronger laser beam, which increase the cutting capability 20%+ stronger comparing to other 33W lasers.


When it comes to performance, the Longer Laser B1 30W excels in every aspect. This well-built unit ensures precise cuts and engravings on a wide range of materials. Let’s take a closer look at the key features we admire:

i) 33W Ultra-high Power Laser

Featuring cutting-edge six-core laser technology, the Laser B1 boasts an impressive 33-36W optical output power, making it one of the most powerful diode-lasers available in the market. This remarkable power translates into a significantly enhanced cutting ability.

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The Laser B1 showcases its strength by effortlessly slicing through materials such as 20mm paulownia wood, 10mm black acrylic, and even 0.1mm stainless steel in a single pass. For thicker materials, the Laser B1 can still achieve precise cuts through multiple passes, enabling it to handle challenges like 25mm basswood and 50mm black acrylic with ease.

ii) 30W Light Power Module with 50mm Focal Length

Equipped with a 30W laser head, the Longer Laser B1 delivers a thin laser beam that can effectively cut or engrave over 1000 different materials. From wood and stainless steel to leather, silver, fabric, metal, ceramic, food, acrylic, and cloth, the machine offers immense versatility. This allows you to engage in various craftwork projects and create finished products that are ready to use.

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To ensure your safety, we highly recommend wearing suitable safety goggles designed for 450nm blue laser diodes while operating the machine. Longer offers a range of safety goggles that we specifically recommend for use with this laser engraver.

iii) Multi-Color Engraving

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Harnessing its high-energy laser beam, the Laser B1 has the capability to rapidly oxidize the surface of metals, resulting in the emergence of over 300 vibrant and rich colors. This diverse color palette empowers you to fulfill your creative aspirations and achieve captivating and colorful designs that cater to your artistic vision.

iv) Sturdy Metal Frame

The Laser B1 engraver showcases a robust and well-engineered design that ensures stability throughout the engraving process. This stability allows you to engrave materials at maximum speeds without compromising accuracy. The resulting engravings boast smooth and clear lines, with minimal sawtooth effects.

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Crafted with an aluminum frame and enhanced mechanical designs, the Laser B1 excels in maintaining exceptional stability, even when operating at high speeds. This stability contributes to superior engraving and cutting quality, enabling you to create intricate and precise artwork.

v) Fast Engraving Speed (36,000mm/min High Speed)

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The Laser B1 is outfitted with an advanced 32-bit motherboard, revolutionizing its performance capabilities. This upgraded motherboard enables the engraver to achieve remarkable engraving speeds of up to 36,000mm/min, four times faster than conventional laser engraving machines. Additionally, the implementation of TMC2209 silent drivers effectively minimizes operational noise, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience while maintaining exceptional speed and precision.

vi) Powerful Chipset

The Laser B1 sets itself apart with its modern 32-bit chipset, surpassing the speed and power capabilities of other budget-friendly laser engravers designed for beginners. With its advanced chipset, this engraver achieves an impressive engraving speed of up to 36,000mm/min.

vii) Stronger Cutting

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Laser B1 incorporates state-of-the-art laser coupling technology, resulting in a highly concentrated laser beam with exceptional cutting power. With its thinner and longer focal length of 50mm, the laser beam is strengthened, providing a cutting capability that surpasses other 33W lasers by over 20%. This enhanced cutting strength enables the Laser B1 to effortlessly slice through materials such as 25mm basswood and 50mm black acrylic, utilizing multiple passes to achieve precise and intricate cuts.

viii) Exceptional Engraving Precision

The Longer Laser B1 30W engraver truly shines when it comes to achieving precise cuts. It boasts the latest technology, featuring an ultra-fine compression spot of 0.08×0.01mm (0.008mm²), which is twice as thin as what ordinary lasers can achieve. This remarkable precision results in cleaner cuts and reduces the likelihood of burns during operations.

Utilizing state-of-the-art laser coupling technology, the Laser B1 stands out with its thinner and longer focal length of 50mm, combined with a stronger laser beam. This combination enhances the cutting capability by over 20% compared to other 33W lasers on the market. It can efficiently cut through materials like 25mm basswood and 50mm black acrylic using multiple passes.

Design Features

The Longer Laser B1 has convenient features that provide an excellent engraving experience. The features include:

i) Wide Software Compatibility

The Laser B1 is fully compatible with a range of established carving software, including LaserGRBL and LightBurn. It supports multiple operating systems such as Windows 7+, macOS, and Linux. Additionally, the engraver seamlessly handles various file formats for engraving, including JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, GC, and more.

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ii) Spacious Engraving Area

With a generous working area measuring 400x400mm (15.75×15.75 inches), the Laser B1 offers ample space for a wide range of home DIY decoration projects. This size ensures that you have sufficient room to work on various materials and create intricate designs.

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Furthermore, the Laser B1 takes it a step further by providing a 23.75% increase in working size compared to other engravers. With a working area of 17.72×17.32 inches (450x440mm), it meets the demands of most scenarios and is particularly ideal for A3 panels or larger projects. This enhanced working size empowers you to tackle larger-scale designs with ease and creativity.

iii) Intelligent Air-Assist System

The process of engraving or cutting materials with a laser engraver often results in the production of toxic fumes. The Longer Laser B1 comes equipped with air diffusion accessories designed to minimize the smoke generated during cutting or engraving operations.

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The air-assist pump is capable of automatic activation and deactivation. It is directly controlled by LightBurn, responding to the parameters set in the program. This feature not only enhances cutting capabilities but also greatly improves cutting precision and overall quality. By efficiently managing the air-assist system, the Laser B1 30W ensures a cleaner and more precise engraving experience while maintaining optimal safety standards.

Other accessories are available on the Longer3D website.

Safety Features

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The LONGER Laser B1 30W laser engraver prioritizes safety with its eight installed safety protection features, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience. Here are detailed descriptions of each feature:

a) Flame Detector

While laser engraving, it is a common practice to send a job to the engraver and allow it to continue working while attending to other tasks. However, it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with this approach, as fires can occasionally occur due to various factors such as incorrect configuration settings or the use of low-quality materials.

When the Longer Ray 5 10W laser engraver detects flame, it will automatically stop and beep. This prevents any potential fire hazards from razing down your workshop.

b) Move Detection

This safety feature automatically shuts down the laser when any unintended movement is detected. It prevents accidental activation or operation, reducing the risk of injuries or damage.

c) Offline Safety

The offline protection feature ensures that the laser automatically shuts down when a disconnection or interruption in data communication occurs for over 15 seconds. It prevents any potential hazards that may arise from interrupted or unstable connections.

d) Security Lock

The security lock feature allows you to activate a lock mechanism to prevent unauthorized access or usage of the laser engraver. It ensures that only authorized individuals have control over the machine, enhancing safety and security.

e) Eye Protection

The eye protection feature is designed to safeguard against the laser’s potentially harmful effects on the eyes. The laser head has a protective acrylic cover that can quickly prevent burning in case of an accident. This minimizes the risk of eye injuries.

f) Emergency Stop Button

The emergency stop button provides a quick and easily accessible means to immediately halt all laser operations in case of emergencies or unexpected situations. Pressing this button instantly shuts down the laser, ensuring swift intervention and preventing any potential hazards.

g) Zero Reset

The zero reset feature automatically resets the laser head to its starting position, often referred to as the zero point or home position. This helps prevent burnout or damage to the material being engraved when accidental fires or anomalies occur during the engraving process.

h) Motionless Protection

The Laser B1 is equipped with an essential safety feature known as motionless protection. If the laser module remains frozen or inactive for a duration exceeding 15 seconds, the engraver will automatically shut off. This precautionary measure is crucial in preventing potential accidents in the workshop that may arise if the laser were to remain on without any operational activity.

Laser Lens Protection

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The Laser B1 incorporates laser lens protection as an important feature. It is equipped with a replaceable protective lens that effectively prevents smoke and other debris from contaminating the laser lens. This protective measure not only ensures the clarity of laser output but also significantly extends the service life of the laser module, contributing to its overall durability and longevity.

Multiple Data Transfer Options

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The Laser B1 offers versatile data transfer options, enabling you to conveniently transfer data using various methods such as Wi-Fi, USB cable, APP, and TF cards. This flexibility allows for offline operations, meaning you can use the engraver anywhere without being restricted by the need for a physical connection to a computer.

XY-axis Limit Switches

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With the inclusion of X-axis and Y-axis limit switches, the Laser B1 ensures precise positioning of the laser module. These switches accurately determine the position of the module within the engraver’s workspace. Additionally, as a safety measure, if the laser module starts moving in the negative direction along either the X-axis or Y-axis, the Laser B1 promptly triggers an alarm and halts the movement, preventing any potential mishaps or unintended actions.

Focus Positioning Bar

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The laser module of the Laser B1 incorporates a user-friendly pull-down focus bar. This convenient feature allows for easy operation—simply pull down the focus bar and move it towards the surface of the working panel. This intuitive mechanism ensures a straightforward and hassle-free adjustment of the laser’s focus, enabling precise and accurate engraving or cutting.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly and easy to learn
  • Impressive power with the 30W laser head
  • Outperforms competitors in its class with its exceptional strength
  • Generous working area of 450x440mm


  • Requires some assembly
  • May be a little expensive for anyone on a very limited budget

All Round Support

The level of after-sale support provided by Longer is truly admirable and sets their products apart. Whether you are new to laser engraving or already have some experience, Longer goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with their offerings.

Firstly, they offer a 7-day free return or 30-day exchange policy in case you receive a faulty machine. What’s more, they even cover the cost of postage, making it a hassle-free process for you.

Secondly, their support is available round the clock, 24/7, through various online channels such as their website, social media accounts, and email. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your product, simply reach out to them via support@longer3d.com, and they will promptly assist you.

Lastly, both beginners and advanced users will find great value in the video tutorials available on Longer’s YouTube channel. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics, including helpful guides on using air assist accessories, further enhancing your understanding and usage of their products.

Longer’s commitment to exceptional after-sale support truly demonstrates their dedication to ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience for their customers.


we are highly impressed with the craftsmanship of the Longer Laser B1 30W laser engraver machine. It stands out as one of the top choices for budget-friendly 10W laser engravers, particularly for beginners.

Despite its affordable price, this unit offers exceptional value and is capable of quickly recouping its cost, whether you intend to use it for hobbies or small-scale commercial engraving projects. The comprehensive support provided by Longer, along with the vibrant user community, ensures that you can maximize the potential of your engraver and cultivate your laser engraving skills and business.

Personally, I am extremely satisfied with the module thus far and highly recommend it to Laser B1 users who are looking to upgrade and don’t necessarily require Air Assist capabilities.

To purchase the Longer Laser B1 30W laser engraver, simply visit the Official Longer website, where you can make your order with confidence.



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