Lix 3D Pen Review: The Smallest 3D Pen

lix 3d pen
Lix- The Smallet 3D Pen

3D printing can lead to production of any imaginary design using 3D models. The 3D world is a mesmerizing area of research thatís capable of changing various industries, including manufacturing and real estate sectors.

3D printers work in a fascinating manner. Their software input models which the computer will produce as a 3D ouput model without any human assistance. The first 3D printers still have a lot of limitations , including poor noise levels and bulky designs.

Innovators are refining these 3D printers to improve production processes. Innovations are not only being made on printing techniques but also on the printers. Currently, there are both bulky 3D printers that are used for commercial purposes and normal-sized 3D printers for art enthusiast.

The latest innovation in 3D printing is the introduction of 3D pens. A number of companies, among them Lix, have brought to the market a manual 3D printing gadget that resembles a ball pen both in appearance and size. The Lix 3D printing pen is the smallest of the 3D pens. This has made it create its own niche.

Lix 3D Printing Pen Review

This next generation 3D drawing pen made its debut in April 2004 through a Kickstarter fundraising. The pen is now available for sale in the market. Art enthusiasts and supporters of the brand use the 3D pen for both commercial and hobby projects.

The compact design of the pen and its excellent performance give an edge over the competition.

Design and Specifications of Lix 3D pen

  1. features of lix 3d pen
    Features of Lix 3D Pen


The pen has a relatively simple design and as a result, produces very little noise. The only sound youíll hear from the pen is when you are feeding in the drawing material. This pen is a perfect tool for artists who prefer calmness and complete silence to be creative.

  1. USB Input

The Lix 3D pen has a USB power input slot. You can use the slot to charge the pen using a power cable from any source, including a PC or laptop. The power cable is thin and this makes moving the pen in any direction very easy.

  1. Ergonomic Design

3D pens have an ergonomic design that sets them in their own league. The diameter of the pen is 0.55 inches, which gives it the feel of an ordinary pen. The tip is narrow and only 0.31 inches. Using the pen provides the same experience as using a ball point pen. Generally, the pen is easy to hold and work with.

  1. Lightweight

When making 3D pieces, having a light pen is important. Some 3D projects can be lengthy and may take several hours to complete. Using a compact and light pen will make your work easier.

  1. Small Size

The Lex 3D pen is small in size and hence portable. Therefore, you can even move around with the pen in the pocket top of your jacket, just like with ordinary pens.

  1. Beautiful Make

The 3D Lix pen is a beauty to behold. The pen is made of a metallic body with a matte finish. This makes it unique considering that most 3D printing pens have a plastic body.

  1. Variety of Filaments

This pen accepts the use of both PLA and ABS filaments. It is therefore ideal for any kind of art project or doodling.

  1. Durable

Due to its aluminum body, this pen has a strong build. Unlike other 3D pens that get easily damage due to their plastic body, the Lex 3D pen can withstand most of these.

lix 3d pen model
With practice, you can make such models with the Lix 3D pen

Consumers Reviews of 3D Lix Pens

The Lix 3D pen has been commercially launched. Here is feedback from customers  that have used the pen.

Positive Feedback

  • Ergonomic Design ñ The 3D pen feels like an ordinary pen, unlike most 3D drawing pens. This is due to its sleek and comfortable design. The pen is also easy to use.
  • Quick heating and cooling ñThe Lix 3D pen is faster both in heating up and cooling down compared to other 3D pens. The pen uses USB power to light up, which may explain why it’s fast.
  • Elegant design ñ The Lix pen has a more attractive design and looks like a next generation writing gadget.

Negative Feedback

  • Unpleasant odor ñ The pen produces a very unpleasant smell during operation. A foul burning plastic smell is produced when using the pen as the filament plastic is used. However, this is a common problem with most 3D pens.
  • Heated Tip ñ The pen has a metallic tip that does not have much insulation. It therefore presents as a burning hazard in case of accidental contact with it. The tip also doesnít have a heat shield.


  • Has the ability to heat up the plastic filament and cool it down rather swiftly.
  • Extremely well built with a good amount of detail on the style.
  • Lightweight and highly easy to use.


  • Slightly higher priced than the competitors.


The Lix 3D pen comes at a much higher price than most of the competitors. The cheapest price of the pen is at the official website,

Its elegant, next generation design makes it worth the price. From the reviews it is clear most art lovers are happy with the Lix 3D pen.



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