Lay3r 3D Pen Review

The 3D dimension art has taken the world by storm. Everyone is crazy about all things 3D, from the business world to the architectural industry and even the film industry. Everyone wants in on the 3D technology. The Lay3r 3D pen has therefore come at an opportune time. It gives every person an opportunity to experiment with 3D writing and drawing and get into the world where images appear to have some life into them.

Features of the Lay3r 3D Pen

  • It comes packaged with an easy to read user manual that you can use to practice with.
  • It is applicable for all kinds of doodling.
  • You can literally have fun for hours practicing art by drawing 3D images.
  • It will automatically shut off when not in use, a feature used to enhance its safety.
  • It comes with an inbuilt cooling fan and 1.7mm ABS filament (3 spools) for starting you off.
  • It has an AC adopter with forward and backward extrusion feature.

Advantages of Lay3r 3D Pen

  • It has an inbuilt cooling fan that ensures you get the ultimate experience from using it as it can run for hours without any problems.
  • It is relatively easy to use and the manufacturer has provided an instruction sheet to help in case of any difficulty.
  • The Lay3r 3D en can be used by literally everyone since it ís very easy to learn.
  • It uses the same technology used in 3D printers, the 1.7mm ABS filament that results in fine quality drawings.
  • You can easily and perfectly create images of popular landmarks and others in 3D dimension.
  • You can use this pen to repair damaged products like coffee mugs and microwaves by use of the ABS filament plastic.
  • It has a wide variety of color options to choose from. The filament comes in spools of black, white and blue and these are relatively easy to switch.
  • You can buy this fun pen from whatever part of the world you live in.

Disadvantages of the Lay3r 3D Pen

  • Unfortunately thereís an age recommendation for using this pen. Kids below 12 years of age can, therefore, miss on the fun unless supervised by an adult.
  • Holding the pen during the first few days can be very challenging and therefore requires patience to be able to master the skills.

User Reviews

According to verified users, this pen does not disappoint. Everything that it claims to have; itís sleek design, the top-notch experience when using it and even the technology used is all one of a kind. Users say the authenticity and quality of this pen cannot be matched with any other. You can read some of these user experiences from some online sites like

Comparison Between Lay3r And Other 3D Drawing Pens?

The Lay3r 3D pen has unmatchable quality in comparison to other 3D pens. It is easy to use and can, therefore, be used by literally everyone. Even people with very little or no artistic skills can use the pen. Learning to use and operate it is easy and it comes with a manual that can help you in doing this efficiently.

This pen has a sturdy design and gives a comfortable grip to the hands, which makes it easy for even children with little hands to use it.

The ABS filament technology thatís used to produce the drawings can last for hours, which means you can have hours of uninterrupted fun.

The best thing about this pen is that itís affordable when compared to other 3D pens of its class. This means you can afford to even buy it as a gift for your loved ones and share the fun.


The Lay3r3D Pen is perfect for armature artists and also experienced artists that need a quick fix that can help them create something outstanding without putting in too much work. Adults with little or no artistic ability can also use this gadget as a relaxation tool and make artistic drawings with it. Those with kids can use this pen to draw life-like images focused on teaching science or even math and make it interesting for kids to learn these subjects.

Because of its excellent performance and versatility, this pen makes for an excellent traveling accessory that will keep you entertained on your journey and even when you reach your destination. Besides, the ABS filament is durable and you donít have to worry about frequent replacements.

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