I DO 3D Pen: Is this the Best 3D Pen for Kids?

ido3d pen review
iDO3D 3D Printing Pen

If you want to buy a 3D pen for your child, you should check out the I DO 3D pen. Unlike other pens in the market that use molten plastic, this pen uses ink and is therefore safe for younger kids. However, since it uses ink, creating 3D objects is a lot harder than is the case with most other 3D printing pens.

The best use for an IDO3D pen is for creating a design on a non-stick surface that is transparent. The designed objects can then be put together and dried by shining a UV light on them.

The IDO3D is not the typical 3D pen that can create 3D objects from thin air. Continue reading the IDO3D pen review below to know what to expect of the pen.

I DO 3D Pen Review: Product Specifications

  • Market Name: IDO3D Pen
  • Model Name: IDO3D Pen and Ink Up to 25 Projects Print System
  • Description: IDO3D pen reviews
  • Heating temperature: Adjustable ABS:210?-235? PLA:160?-210?
  • Withdraw the filaments by pressing the forward or backward button
  • Button to adjust temperature
  • Power input: 12V 3A
  • Nozzle diameter: Approximately 0.002ft/0.7 mm
  • Works with PLA/ABS
  • Manufacturerís Website:IDO3DArt.com
  • Where To Buy IDO3D Pen: You can order the IDO3D Pen online at Amazon.com

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Unboxing the IDO3D Pen: What’s Available?

Different Color Inks

Your 3D objects will be dull if they can only be created in one color. Luckily, when you buy the I DO 3D pen, you will get multiple-colored inks. With these inks, you can let you imagination run wild and create toys and objects that you want. This 3D pen will make you a toy creator in no time.


The pen comes with handy moulds that can guide you creation of various objects. You can also use the moulds as part of your creations.

UV Light Lamp

The light is used to make the ink solidify.

Plastic Sheeting

The sheeting will give your creations the 3D feel.

User Manual

When you buy a 3D pen, one of the challenges you may get is how to use it. The last thing you want is to be in the dark on how you are supposed to use the pen. The IDO3D pen comes with an easy-to-understand manual. After reading the manual, you will be ready to create your own 3D objects within a few minutes.

IDO3D Pen Price, Details and Features

Number of Ink Colors

The IDO3D pen comes with three colors only. However, this should not be a major concern even if you want to make objects in multiple colors. This is because you can mix the inks to create new colors.

Currently, when you buy the IDO3D pen, you will get 5 pens and 3 inks. The inks are red, yellow and green. You can use these inks to create other ink colors. For example, you can mix red and yellow to get orange. However, things would have been better if one of the three inks was blue.

Downloadable Resources

If there is a specific outline that your child would like to create but cannot be done with the set of IDO3D pen, all is not lost. Any coloring book can be used for creating outlines. You can also download more coloring pages online and print them for use. You can place the coloring sheets under the transparent sheet. Your child can use the coloring sheets to make new creations.

How to Use the IDO3D Pen

creating 3d with i do 3d penWhen you first see the IDO3D pen, you may think that it can be used to draw objects on the air. However, this is not the case. With this pen, the drawing has to be done on transparent plastic surface. After the drawing has been completed, UV light is used to dry the ink.

To make 3D objects with this pen, one would need to create different parts separately, and then assemble them together.

Themed Products

One of the features that make the IDO3D pen great for children is that it can be used for themed products. For example, if your child loved cars, you can buy him a car theme pack that has molds and tools which will make the whole creation easier.

Pros of the IDO3D Pen

  • The ink supplies last long even after making huge creations.
  • You can create anything you imagine.
  • No power cord needed. Just squeeze the pens to use them. This feature is especially important for young kids who can hurt themselves if using pens that use heat

Cons of the IDO3D Pen

  • The ink is only available in 3 colors. You will have to mix the ink to get more colors.
  • The ink may take quite some time to dry
  • If not dried properly, the ink can stay sticky even after 2 days.

Below is an overview of how the IDO3D pen works:


  • The ink supplies last long even after making huge creations.
  • You can create anything you imagine.
  • No power cord needed. Just squeeze the pens to use them.


  • The ink is only available in 3 colors.
  • The ink may take quite some time to dry
  • If not dried properly, the ink can stay sticky even after 2 days.

Should You Buy the IDO3D Pen?

The essence of having toys is to make us creative. The IDO3Dpen is a great example of a toy that will spark creativity in your kid. Your child will stretch his creativity and become a better artist over time simply by playing with the pen.

ido3d pen
Drawing with iDO3D Pen

However, there are some drawbacks you should be aware of. For example, the pen is not for everyone, especially young kids below age of 3. The quality of the objects that younger kids will definitely be different from that which older kids can create. The results of the pen tend to go hand in hand with the skill level and age of the child using it.

Another thing you should know is that the ink only draws when you put light onto it. Therefore, if you have used another 3D pen before, you will realize the IDO3D pen does not really work like you expected Rather than drawing objects on air, you have to draw on a non-stick surface. The objects then have to be pieced together to create the 3D object.

Nevertheless, your kid will still be busy with the toy. Moreover, the pen will help them develop their creative abilities. This is why I highly recommend the 3D pen for kids. You can buy the pen on Amazon at only[amazon_link asins=’B01C34QUX6′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’3dnet02-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’fa39e6f1-1823-11e7-813d-d13386de1364′].

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