Giantarm PLA Review

Is Giantarm PLA a good filament for 3D printing? What are the best settings for this material? What temperatures does it reach? Read our Giantarm PLA review to find out.

Giantarm PLA Review

Nowadays, I’m printing more with Geeetech or GIANTARM filaments. However, this is after carrying out some tests during the weekend.

Before I experimented with Giantarm PLA, I came across comments by customers  who termed the material as “boring”. Since I wanted to try some new materials on my own, I decided to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

As you all know, printing with a poor quality filament can be really annoying. Will the Giantarm filament be plain boring?

Here is my review.

UPDATE: Since my test, a roll of Giantarm PLA filament (1kg) in different colors is going for about $20 – a very good price. Take advantage of the offer to stock up the material, just in case you are planning to do a lot of printing in future.

Giantarm PLA Review 1


For me, the deal is a real no-brainer. Take advantage of the “standard colors”, such as white or black, but also the exotic colors such as “sand gold” or transparent.

Moreover, you’ll get the filament quickly if you order directly online. If something is wrong with the filament, you can return it.

I had lots of test prints to do with our test team. So, we took advantage of Black Friday 3D printer filament offers and ordered multiple units.

Giantarm PLA Review 2
pay attention to temperature and light when storing and then it fits!

The triple silk filament is a little more expensive per kilo. However, it is still worthwhile even if you don’t print so much with it. Moreover, the quality of the PLA is undoubted as you can see from customer reviews.
Giantarm PLA Review 3


The GIANTARM PLA materials come in resealable zip-lock bags. Therefore, you can seal any remaining filaments in the airtight bags to prevent them from getting affected by moisture.

Giantarm PLA Review 4
Three ziplocks for the three filaments

When unpacking, do not to throw away the silicon balls. Instead, pack them directly in the closed zip-lock bag and add the filament later. Otherwise, the filament can become brittle and/or the prints will look wobbly.

Giantarm PLA Review 5
Do not throw away silicon balls in the sachet.

My current favorite Giantarm PLA is a purple-silver mix that simply pops in with the right light. I love the filament!

Giantarm PLA Review 6
I love the purple-silver filament!

However, to test the Giantarm PLA, I first had to print a Benchy and the usual test prints to get the best settings.

The purple filament with its silver pigments added some more volume to my prints. Therefore, I had to reduce the flow factor just a little bit. If you reduce the flow too much, your prints will end up looking somehow holey…see the Thanos below.

Giantarm PLA Review 7
Snap Fingers: Too little flow. But it looks kind of cool too!

Here is a video review of the Giantarm PLA filament:

If you’ve been in the 3D printing game for a while, you know that bad filament can be really annoying. Can you imagine your 40-hour print stopping after 30 hours due to a badly wound spool? Or the print image looks lousy (you may be tempted to blame the printer), the filament breaks, or the nozzle clogs? This is not any fun.

For me, the GIANTARM PLA filament is simply a classy item that prints models with brilliant quality. If you are looking for filament for your 3D printer, the Giantarm PLA is definitely one of the top options I recommend.


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