Giantarm PLA Review

I now print longer with Geeetech or GIANTARM filaments, but an Amazon deal about two weeks ago was ultimately the stumbling block for this item. Almost 40 comments for “boring” filament , 1A print results – I think that deserves an extra article. Filament is unspectacular, but the “ink” of the printer and poor quality filament can be really annoying.

Now there is a new voucher and a roll of filament (1kg) in different colors for less than $20 – a very good price.

You can find more types of filament and more vouchers in the following price overview. A good opportunity to stock up on enough material in case we are going to work from home again soon and have more time for printing.

Giantarm PLA Review 1

1 kg GIANTARM PLA filament (1.75 mm)


For me the deal is a real no-brainer and for you with the last promotion too. Here you can use the “standard colors”, such as For example, cover up white or black, but also with more exotic colors such as “sand gold” or transparent. With   4.4 stars with 964 ratings resp.  4.6 stars from 1049 ratings .


In addition, you order directly in at Amazon, with Prime shipping. So it is there quickly and if something is wrong with the filament (I had [rarely] even had very high-priced special filaments up to now), you can use the convenient Amazon service directly.

Ordering in China is just not worth it. Since I have to print a lot for my tests and the wishes of colleagues here, we got ourselves covered up right away ;-).

Giantarm PLA Review 2

Pay attention to temperature and light when storing and then it fits!

The triple silk filament is a bit more special , which is a bit more expensive per kilo, but can still be worthwhile if you don’t print so much (with these colors). In addition, the quality is right here too – I write that and 4.6 stars in 163 ratings also see it that way.

Giantarm PLA Review 3

What I think is great (unfortunately that is not a matter of course) is that GIANTARM includes resealable zip-lock bags. In this way you can seal the filament residues airtight or moisture-tight. You should also store the leftovers in a UV-protected manner.

Giantarm PLA Review 4

Three ziplocks for the three filaments

When unpacking, it is best to remember not to throw away the silicon balls, but instead pack them directly in the closed zip-lock bag and add the filament later. Otherwise the filament can become brittle and / or the printed image just looks stupid.

Giantarm PLA Review 5

Do not throw away silicon balls in the sachet.

My current favorite is unfortunately not that cheap this time – it is a purple-silver mix that simply pops in with the right light. I love the filament!

Giantarm PLA Review 6

I love the purple-silver filament!

But here too, of course, you have to print a benchy, heattower, etc. so that you get the best print image. The purple filament z. B. the silver pigments for a little more volume, so you have to reduce the flow factor a little. But not too much either, otherwise your Thanos (see below) looks somehow holey.

Giantarm PLA Review 7

Snap Fingers: Too little flow. But it looks kind of cool too!

Here is a video review of the Giantarm PLA filament:

If you’ve been in the 3D printing game for a while, you know: bad filament can be really annoying. The 40-hour print stops after 30 hours due to a badly wound spool, the print image looks lousy (the beginner blames the printer), the filament breaks, the nozzle clogs – it’s just not fun.

For me, the GIANTARM PLA filament is simply a classy item that is now even available again at a great price (I don’t know how long). Off for it!

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