Geeetech A30 Pro Review

Thinking of buying an entry level 3D printer? Read our Geeetech A30 Pro review to find out whether this unit fits the bill.

Everyone wants a quality 3D printing machine that provides excellent prints, has the biggest installation space, and  doesn’t cost too much. Well, I think the Geeetech A30 Pro offers just that. From our tests, this appears to be a good alternative to the Alfawise U20, Creality3D CR-10S, and the Creality3D CR-10.

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The following Geeetech A30 Pro review covers the features, specs, performance as well as print quality we achieved with the printer. We’ll also look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Geeetech A30 Pro Review

The Geeetech A30 Pro is an upgrade of the Geetech A30. This 3D printer comes with a GTM32 32-bit control board that enhances your overall 3D printing experience. And as has been the case with most 3D printers by Geeetech, the A30 Pro offers exceptional 3D print quality and a satisfying overall experience.

The printer has a huge 320mm x 320mm x 420mm build volume alongside a Prusa I3 gantry structure. The print’s huge build volume makes the most of the big build, allowing you a 360-Degree view of your print details.

With a 0.1mm print accuracy, the Geeetech A30 Pro prints models with a smooth surface, clear angles, and a firm structure. This 3D printing machine also has a power resume capability and a filament run-out sensor. Both these features result in a greatly enhanced 3D printing experience.

However, in contrast to most competitors in its class range, the A30 Pro unit uses a proprietary power supply unit (PSU). The unit last longer, which makes the 3D printer a great buy.

Technical Specs

Print Technology FDM
Build Volume 320x320x420mm
Print Accuracy 0.1mm to 0.2mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Filament 1.75mm(diameter); ABS/PLA, etc
Environmental Temperature 10-40 Degrees Celsius
Printing Speed 60mm per second
Operating System Linux/Mac/Windows
Nozzle Quality Single nozzle(1-in-1-out)
File Format .gcode
Power Input 50.60Hz, 115/230VAC
Power Output 21A Max, DC 24V
Connectivity USB, TF cards
Display 3.2-inch Full-color LCD touchscreen
Size 508x547x657mm
Gross Weight 20.2Kg
Net Weight 13.5Kgss

Geetech A30 Pro Features

Before we look at what the A30 Pro is capable of, let’s first take a closer look at some of its most interesting features.

  • Build Volume

With a huge 320 x 320 x 420 mm installation space, the A30 Pro unit is arguably one of the most satisfying 3D printing machines on the Geeetech roster. This huge build means that you can print big models without having to sacrifice creativity.

And as far as the A30 Pro’s printing performance is concerned, the unit prints at speeds ranging between 80mm and 110mm per second with a 0.05mm accuracy. This means you can create models with a beautiful, smooth surface and a strong structure.

  • Build Quality

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This 3D printer has a silicon carbide glass build with a microporous coating that results in a pretty solid construction platform. The silicon carbide glass has great chemical stability, efficient thermal conductivity, and excellent wear resistance. It can also handle extreme temperatures.

You can make the frame simpler without decreasing stability by placing the control box. Both the LCD touchscreen and filament holder fit perfectly with the box. This means you can take control of the printer and the filament with relative ease.

The A30 Pro’s 320 x 320 x 420 mm build is much bigger than the more common standardized versions of the CR-10 and CR-10S. Its huge build volume should be enough to support all kinds of 3D printing, including larger models.

Okay yes, the Creality S5 and S4 provide more space. However, you’ll have to cough up a lot more cash to get either one of them, which isn’t really worth it in the long run for a few extra cubic millimeters.

  • Full-Color LCD Touchscreen

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The Geeetech A30 Pro has a full-color LCD touchscreen display with an orderly operation flow and a responsive UI. You can use it to modify 3D printing parameters easily. The display gives you full control over the whole task.

Operating an LCD touchscreen is easier and way more intuitive than turning click wheels. The LCD touchscreen takes this unit to a whole other level, making it better than similar 3D printers that use click wheel.

In addition, this convenient and smart 3.2-inch touchscreen makes it incredibly simple for the user to perform offline printing.

  • 360-Degree Ventilation

The A30 Pro’s extruder cover has a 360-degree ventilation design that speeds up air circulation and improves heat dissipation.

Filament Run-Out Sensor

Most of today’s Chinese manufactured 3D printers have sensors that will detect when the filament runs out. This is a useful function since you don’t want to run out of thread before you finish your 30-hour 3D print session.

If the sensor can’t detect a filament, it will interrupt the printing procedure and pause. After you insert filament, the printer will continue printing from the point where it had stopped. This is possible thanks to the print resume function.

Auto Leveling

The 3D printer’s motherboard also supports automatic leveling. Starting the printing process is quick and easy. Automatic leveling is an optional add-on, which can be achieved by install the auto leveling (3D Touch) sensor to start printing instantly.

Not only does this greatly improve the first layer’s adhesion but it also helps save time. Unfortunately, this sensor is sold separately. See its price on Amazon.

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Geeetech 3D Touch Sensor


Remote Operation

If you want independent printing, the Geeetech A30 Pro unit has a TF card for this. Simply go to the TF card and choose a 3D model file, set the printing parameters you want, and then start printing by using your fingers to swipe.

The photoelectric limit Double Z Axis switch on the A30 Pro offers an accurate printing position and stability to ensure you end up with quality prints. This is arguably one of the best things about this 3D printing machine.

After a simple WLAN configuration, you can use the EasyPrint 3D application to operate the machine remotely. This easy-to-use software allows you to control the machine from afar. Other things you can do with the application include updating the machine’s firmware and setting the relevant 3D printing parameters.

The A30 Pro is compatible with a wide range of different filaments, including wood, ABS, PLA, PETG, and HIPS. This means you can use it to produce objects of different styles.

Below are examples of models printed with the Geeetech A30 Pro 3D printer:

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 5

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 6

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 7

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 8

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 9

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 10

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 11

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 12

3D printed candle holder. Printed using SUNLU white PLA.

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 13

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 14

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 15

Geeetech A30 Pro Review 16

Star Wars printed using Amazon Basics Black PLA.


  1. The Geeetech A30 Pro’s large build volume allows you to execute different 3D print ideas and  create bigger and more refined print models.
  2. The TF card in the LCD touchscreen also makes it incredibly easy for you to perform offline printing. All you need to do is go to the TF card, choose a 3D model file and set the printing parameters you want.
  3. The print-resume function helps to save filament and time. This ensures printing continues from wherever it stopped in the event that the filament runs out or you experience an unexpected power outage. Thanks to this feature, you won’t have to worry too much when printing huge 3D models.
  4. The 3mm heating bed and polyester film heat-resistant pressure plate with high adhesion allow you to remove your print model very easily. You’ll no longer need the help of a glue stick or mask tape with this unit. Additionally, you don’t need a spatula or razor to easily remove your finished 3D print model.
  5. The printer is nearly entirely pre-assembled. After tightening a few screws and putting in a small assembly effort, the machine is quickly ready-to-use straight out of the box. 


  1. One of the A30 Pro’s most noticeable disadvantages is that it has fans that are considerably loud. In fact, that’s one of the first things we noticed when we started printing with it. Therefore, the printer might not be suitable in places where people are busy doing other kinds of work.
  2. The printer has limited options, making it hard to do different kinds of prints. Moreover, it’s hard to exchange the nozzle.
  3. Some parts, like the Z-axis motor, have been installed crookedly and the XY-axis straps are also loose.
  4. On print quality, the edges and corners of the prints are round instead of sharp meaning. Generally, the models produced aren’t printed as smoothly as you’d expect.
  5. The overall construction is both durable and sturdy. However, when printing at high speeds, the straps that aren’t adequately tensioned will start to crack.
  6. Lastly, we feel that the extruder casing might be a little impractical.


All in all, the Geeetech A30 Pro is an average 3D printer with some kinks that are too bad. In fact, we think it can give Creality’s new release the CR10S V2 some competition. With its dual Z-axis, silent stepper motors, and large build volume, you can be sure you can easily create large 3D prints.


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