FLSUN S1: Breakthrough High-Speed Printing, Leading the Industry Into the Ultra-High-Speed Era

Did you see that blur? Don’t worry, it’s just the Flsun S1’s print head. This is the most rapid FDM printer I’ve ever encountered, and it can print at a staggering 1200mm/s. The Flsun S1 is ideal for anyone who needs a fast and precise printer. I believe it is the fastest 3D printer available, with a consistent ultra-high-speed performance that offers incredible value to 3D printing businesses and 3D printer farms that require the shortest turnaround time, as well as leading the 3D printing industry into the ultra-high-speed era.


Experience the New Flsun OS System: A Smart and Stable Solution

Are you looking for a smart and stable solution for your 3D printing needs? Look no further than the new Flsun OS system. This system has a user-friendly interface that lets you adjust the settings and monitor the printing progress with ease. Not only that, but the system is also optimized for performance and reliability, ensuring a smooth and consistent printing experience every time.

Watch Your Creations Come to Life with Remote Monitoring and Time-lapse Photography

One of the best features of the Flsun OS system is the remote monitoring and time-lapse photography. With these features, you can watch your creations come to life from anywhere in the world. You can view the live video feed on the screen or access it from your smartphone or computer. You can also capture the amazing moments of the printing process with the time-lapse photography function, which automatically takes pictures at regular intervals and creates a stunning video for you to share with your friends and family.

Another great feature of the Flsun OS system is the multiple consumables support. The printer supports a wide range of materials with its high printing temperature of up to 350°C and its independent chamber design. You can print with PLA, PA, ASA, ABS, and more, depending on your project requirements. Whether you want to print a simple model or a complex sculpture, the Flsun OS system can handle it. The printer also has an active and passive drying function and a three-stage consumable residual monitoring system, which help you to maintain the quality and quantity of the materials and prevent wastage.

filament dryer box

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly design with temperature and humidity monitoring and zone heating

The Flsun OS system is designed with energy saving and environmental protection in mind. Flsun S1 is equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring to ensure the stability of the printing environment. Meanwhile, it adopts zone heating technology with inner circle 220x220mm² and outer ring 230x320mm² to realize power saving and even heating. The print size reaches 320x320x430mm³ to easily meet the needs of larger projects. It also implements an automatic resting screen and automatic shutdown, which effectively reduces energy consumption and prolongs the life of the printer.

smart zone heating

Fastest speed and advanced technology in the industry

Do you want to print faster than ever before? Flsun S1 is the answer. This printer leads the industry with the fastest speed of 1200mm/s and acceleration of 40,000mm/s². You won’t have to wait long for your prints to finish. Flsun S1 also boasts a new metal hot end that reaches 350°C with a maximum flow rate of 110mm³/s. This means you can print with a variety of materials and achieve high-quality results. To ensure the stability of the body, Flsun S1 is equipped with a 40,000 rpm brushless cooling silent fan, a high-current closed-loop motor and an all-metal frame. You can trust Flsun S1 to deliver fast and reliable performance.

All-round management by AI butler

Flsun S1 is not just a printer, it’s a smart printer. It introduces AI Butler, which controls a variety of functions through macro radar. You don’t have to worry about print quality, accuracy, first layer, flow, spaghetti, debris and mislayer. AI Butler will take care of everything for you. Flsun S1 also has fully automatic leveling technology that automatically measures and records, saving leveling time for subsequent prints. If there’s a power failure, no problem. Flsun S1 is equipped with a UPS to endure a power failure to continue printing, so you won’t lose your progress. Flsun S1 also has an equipment self-test function that ensures the stability of the machine. In addition, the belt has auto-detection and semi-automatic adjustment functions to improve the durability and reliability of the printer. Flsun S1 is the ultimate 3D printing assistant.

ai lidar detector

Flsun S1 is more than just another printer, it’s a game-changer. It combines excellent performance, the stable and reliable Flsun OS system with ultra-high-speed printing capability, which injects new vitality into the industry. Pushing the limits of tradition, Flsun S1 leads the 3D printing industry into the ultra-high-speed era with its amazingly fastest speed and advanced technology, which is undoubtedly the pinnacle of 3D printing speed. If you want to create more possibilities for yourself and overturn your perception of the 3D printing industry, choose Flsun S1. You won’t regret it.

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