FLSUN S1: The Ultra-High-Speed Printer That Will Dominate the 3D Market by 2024

3D printing is a rapidly evolving technology that has many applications in various industries and creative fields. One of the most innovative and advanced 3D printers on the market is the FLSUN S1, which boasts an impressive speed of 1200mm/s, making it the fastest printer in its category.

The FLSUN S1 is the product of a Chinese company that has been dedicated to 3D printing technology since 2015. They offer a range of 3D printers and solutions for different needs and budgets. The FLSUN S1, however, is their flagship model that aims to revolutionize the 3D printing industry with its unique features and design. What are the advantages of this ultra-high-speed printer? Let’s find out.


Ultra-high Speed Printing

It is universally acknowledged that the three primary determinants of printing speed are flow rate, heat dissipation, and the motor power system. This document aims to show the advancements made by FLSUN S1 in these three areas.

Flow Rate

The melting structure of the FLSUN S1 places a premium on heating as a crucial factor influencing the extrusion flow rate, thereby ensuring a maximum extrusion flow rate of up to 110mm³/s. To achieve this, the FLSUN S1 is outfitted with a 100W heating block and a ceramic ring, both of which facilitate continuous heating and augmented power output. Furthermore, the V6 standard nozzles, constructed from brass and hardened steel, guarantee enhanced thermal conductivity and longevity. Their standardized design simplifies the replacement process and sourcing, thereby promoting ease of maintenance and upgrades.

Heat Dissipation

In order to supplement the robust heating unit, the FLSUN S1 incorporates high-performance 40,000 rpm CPAP turbofans. These fans, chosen after meticulous wind simulation tests, operate in conjunction with a proprietary air guidance system. This not only ensures an efficient and optimized cooling process but also provides substantial airflow, which is instrumental in maintaining optimal temperatures and achieving maximum print performance.

Motor Power System

The FLSUN S1 is equipped with a closed-loop stepper motor, which is engineered with a sensor system that prevents step loss and facilitates efficient recalibration. This technology ensures that the motor will effortlessly return to its original position. Additionally, the FLSUN S1 is furnished with a high-current control system that guarantees optimal torque for precise and powerful movements. The motion system of the FLSUN S1 integrates features such as wire belts, thickened carbon rod parallel arms, fully encapsulated parallel arm ball heads, and linear heavy-duty guideways with caged double cages. Collectively, these advancements reduce noise and enhance stability throughout the printer structure.

Superior Print Quality

The FLSUN S1 is renowned not only for its exceptional speed but also for its superior print quality and reliability. Its precision printing mechanism, coupled with high-quality printing materials, ensures that the printed models exhibit a high degree of accuracy and excellent surface quality. Whether employed for engineering prototyping or artistic creation, the FLSUN S1 is capable of satisfying users’ stringent demands for print quality.


Moreover, the FLSUN S1 boasts excellent user-friendliness and ease of operation. Its intelligent interface and user-friendly control system allow users to effortlessly set up and operate prints. The FLSUN S1 also supports a broad array of file formats and is compatible with various design software, offering users increased flexibility and convenience.

In summary, the FLSUN S1 printer has emerged as a leader in the 3D market in 2024, owing to its ultra-high-speed printing capabilities, superior print quality, and user-friendly design. As this remarkable printer continues to evolve and improve, it is poised to remain at the forefront of 3D printing technology, providing users with an enhanced printing experience and wider application prospects.


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