FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review

Yesterday the Flsun QQS Delta 3D printer arrived at my place and of course I couldn’t take it long and after the extensive incoming goods inspection of my cats Billy and Easy I had to tear open the package and unpack and set up the 3D printer.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 1

The Flsun QQS is the first 3D printer based on the delta principle in my hands and for that reason alone I was very interested. Personally, I am pleased that the printer can still print large objects (up to 36cm high!) With very little space on the desktop.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 2

Apart from that, of course, the principle of the 3 arms that wiggle wildly and still print objects with great precision is fascinating instead of a printer that, as usual, comes up with a normal X, Y and Z axis.

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But now to the promised unboxing. The printer comes in a relatively thin package, as the FLSUN QQS was once again packed to save space.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 4

Safety foam or bubble wrap has been used everywhere so that nothing goes on the long sea route across the Jordan. (Pun?!)

Once unpacked, it looks like a lot more content:

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FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 6

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A nice manual is also included, as is the usual card reader with a small microSD, on which CURA and pre-sliced ​​test files are located. There are also small videos on the memory card that show the assembly and all possible individual steps.

The construction itself was quite simple and was over in about 1/2 hour. Plug in the guide rails and hang in the 3 carriages, connect the end stops to the lower main part, mount and connect the extruder and connect the printhead to the main unit. That was roughly it.

What remains is the usual tool in the form of a spatula for loosening the finished print objects and a few screws and pliers and card reader.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 8

As with the Anycubic Mega-S , the FLSUN printer also included an extra giveaway bag. In there was a complete print head including hotend, etc. In addition, a temperature sensor and the heating element plus an end stop, a needle for cleaning the print head and a couple of cable ties.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 9

After assembly, the printhead is switched on and leveled. I was particularly excited here because, as mentioned at the beginning, I did not have a Delta printer yet.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 10

In the case of the FLSUN printer, an extra sensor must be placed on the print head for leveling. It holds magnetically and is placed on a holder next to the actual nozzle. Then the sensor is connected with a plug and off you go!

The printhead moves 2–3 times all the way up and down again and then moves over the 21 points on the printing platform. Then the distance is briefly set manually to the last 0.01 mm using paper and the level orgy is finished. You are roughly guided via the menu on the touchscreen, but that is sure to work the second time from the proverbial FF.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 11

A first test print of an object on the enclosed microSD card ran smoothly from the start. The nut screwed onto the screw without any problems.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 12

I then had to look at another test object from the included SD card. There is also a small vase approx. 13 cm high. As a test, I printed it faster than I would ever print on a printer. So set 90 mm / s and 0.3 layer and burn up a little of the enclosed white filament. The result is really impressive and didn’t even print 2 hours in total!

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 13

Compared to the Anycubic Mega-S , the Flsun Delta printer is of course much higher in design. Incl. The small filament roll visible below makes the printer almost 1 meter high! However, it can also print 255 * 360 mm and requires less floor space on the desk than the Anycubic .

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 14

In addition, the Flsun QQS has a 32-bit board, supports up to 300 mm speed (!!), has a titanium extruder, a resume function if the power fails and much more.

The Flsun QQS prints relatively quietly, but the fan for the electronics in the lower part trumps the background noise loudly. Sooner or later it may have to be modified a little.

Once the lower case is unscrewed, the troublemaker reveals himself directly. The somewhat louder background noise is primarily due to the case fan.

FLSun QQS Delta 3D Printer Review 15

Let’s see if I look for a quieter alternative. And because I have already dismantled the baby into its individual parts, you will of course also get a complete insight into the Flsun QQ-S.

It should be mentioned here that there seem to be several differences. There is still a Flsun QQ and a Flsun QQ-S Pro on the market. Depending on the model, there is one or the other extra or not. One has a power button on the front (right or left) next to the touchscreen, the other driver can be exchanged, etc. My model has the on / off switch right next to the power cable and no exchangeable drivers.

In my case, there are also 3D-printed plastic guides on the stepper motors and integrated WiFi!
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As always, you can find out how the new one does in everyday life in the upcoming 3D printer roundups . Of course, you are welcome to include any questions in the comments. 

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