Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer

A few days ago a new FlashForge Inventor 3D printer came to us , outwardly very similar to another popular model of this brand – Dreamer . We decided to figure out what new features have appeared in Inventor, and what is the actual difference between these printers.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 1

Outwardly, the printers look like brothers, they differ only in color. The size, arrangement of elements, and design are identical.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 2


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As you can see from the table, Inventor has added 2 centimeters of printable area in height. Otherwise, everything is the same. But upon closer examination, the differences will become visible.


Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 3

The complete set remained unchanged:

  • 2 spools of plastic 0.6 kg.
  • USB cable
  • SD card
  • Spool holders
  • Putty knife
  • Hexagon set
  • Screwdriver
  • Spare nuts and bolts
  • Tweezers
  • Knife
  • Site alignment map
  • 2 spare areas

All tools fit in a small, tidy case. A trifle, but nice.


The first difference was found when the printer was started up. Instead of limit switches, optical sensors are installed on all axes.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 4

Zero has moved down. Due to this, it was possible to add 2 centimeters of the working area without changing the dimensions of the printer.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 5

FlashForge has added a very valuable Resume Print feature. Now you don’t have to worry when printing large models. After the power is turned off, printing will resume where it left off.

In the upper right corner, inside the Inventor printer, there is a built-in camera.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 6

Working with the camera

To use the camera, you need to install the XMEye app on your phone or tablet.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 7

It took us some time to connect the printer with the application, but if you follow the instructions carefully, there should be no problems.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 8

We played with the application, appreciated all its features, including: online broadcasting of printing, recording videos, creating photos, recording sound over video, the Share with Friends function, even adjusting the zoom, simultaneously connecting and displaying the printing process on other Inventors (there are options for displaying 1, 4, 6, 9 and 16 broadcasts).

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 9

You can choose HD image quality, but if the Internet is poor, the picture will slow down. The instructions indicate that you can follow the seal wherever you are, the only condition is that you have an Internet connection on your phone. Unfortunately, we did not manage to connect to the camera via the mobile Internet, but when using any available Wi-Fi network everything works like clockwork =)

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 10

The functionality of the printer has also changed slightly – now you can connect to the printer using the Happy3D mobile application. Finished models are downloaded from the application to the printer via Wi-Fi and stored in RAM.

It is very easy to learn how to work in the program, judging by the interface, it is also designed for children. You can draw your own models or use ready-made ones loaded into the program (which is convenient when working with children). It seemed to us that working with the application through the phone was not very convenient, due to the small size of the working area. Ideally, use a tablet.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 11

As in Dreamer, 5 fans and a temperature control sensor were placed inside the Inventor’s print chamber.

Flashforge Inventor 2 vs Dreamer 12

It can perfectly print with ABS plastic – due to the closed chamber and at the same time, thanks to the fans on the case, it can handle even miniature models made of PLA plastic.

Not without some inconveniences. In the printer, it is still not possible to change the temperature of the pad or extruder during printing. You have to re-prepare the model every time and start printing again.


FlashForge Inventor and Dreamer are really like brothers – all the functions that Dreamer have are presented in Inventor. Still, Inventor received a nice upgrade from the developers. It has been given additional features that many 3D printers will appreciate. =)

In addition to increasing the printable area along the Z axis, the printer has a camera for capturing the printing process and supplemented with a useful resume function.

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