Flashforge Guider 2 vs 2s: The Complete Comparison

What is the difference between the Flashforge Guider 2 and the 2s? Read on to find out.

The Flashforge Guider 2S is an upgrade of the Guider 2.  Given that there is a huge difference in the price of the printers, what makes it so?

Let’s see how the new model differs from the old one and why you may want to upgrade

Flashforge Guider 2 vs 2s: The Complete Comparison 1

Flashforge Guider 2 vs 2S

Visually, the printers practically do not differ, except for the color of the case. The Guider II is black while the Guider IIs is blue-gray.

However, when it comes to functionality, the Guider IIs has been improved and optimized.

Here are some of the notable differences:

1. Flexible Plastics Printing

To begin, the Flashforge Guider 2S has a new bright red extruder.

Flashforge Guider 2 vs 2s: The Complete Comparison 2

The distance between the feeder and the hot-end has been reduced, which enables the extruder to prints flexible filaments excellently. This solves the main problem of working with TPU and TPE-plastics, when the flexible thread becomes excessively soft when passing from the hot-end and clogs the nozzle.

Flashforge Guider 2 vs 2s: The Complete Comparison 3

2. Extruder Heating Up to 300°C

The maximum operating temperature of the Guider 2S extruder is 300°C while the original Guider 2 reaches just 240°C.

The increase in the extruder temperature expands the possibilities of use of the printer. Apart from low-temperature materials (PLA, ABS, etc.), you can also print plastics such as nylon, carbon, polycarbonate, PETG, and other

The printbed heating temperature remained the same – up to 120°C.

3. HD Camera

Inside the Guider 2S, an HD camera is installed for remote online monitoring of the printing process. This is done through the FlashCloud cloud platform .

If something goes wrong during printing, you can pause or stop it through the cloud. Also, several devices can be connected to the Flashforge branded cloud at once and controlled simultaneously.

Flashforge Guider 2 vs 2s: The Complete Comparison 4


The Guider 2s has an air filter and a fan to clean the air and minimize harmful emissions. This innovation makes it more comfortable to work with the printer.

Flashforge Guider 2 vs 2s: The Complete Comparison 5


Here is a comparison of the main characteristics of the 2 models:

     Guider II      Guider IIs
     Plot area size      280 x 250 x 300 mm      280 x 250 x 300 mm
     Layer thickness      0.05-0.4 mm      0.05-0.4 mm
     Nozzle diameter      0.4 mm      0.4 mm
     Extruder operating temperature      up to 240°C      up to 300°C
     Working table temperature      up to 120°C      up to 120°C
     Print speed      10-200 mm/s      10-200 mm/s
     XY-axis positioning      0.011 mm      0.011 mm
     Z-axis positioning      0.0025 mm      0.0025 mm
     Display      5 “LCD Touchscreen      5 “LCD Touchscreen
     Built-in HD camera      no      Yes
     Air filter      no      Yes
     Printer size      490 x 550 x 560 mm      490 x 550 x 560 mm
     Printer weight      30 Kg      30 Kg


Both the Guider 2 and 2S are professional printers with excellent performance and large print area. Both printers feature a robust and rigid housing that provides stable, vibration-free operation. Finally, both units have a power-on resume function and a filament end sensor.

One of the biggest differentiators of  Guider IIs is the ability to print on a wide range of materials. Heating the extruder to 300°C allows you to print models with higher temperature materials than PLA and ABS. The extruder is also designed to make it easy to print flexible filament.

The camera in the printer is also a welcome upgrade. Whether you have multiple Flashforge printers or have to “leave” printing, the camera, together with the FlashCloud cloud, will help optimize the work with the printer.

Finally, the Guider 2S also has an air filter.

If you print with standard plastics and do not need to control the printing remotely, then the Guider 2 will be enough.

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