Flashforge Adventurer 4 Review

In this FlashForge Adventurer 4 review, we cover what to expect in terms of features, specifications, quality of print and price of the 3D printer.

Flashforge has released a new 3D printer in its FDM line; the FlashForge Adventurer 4.  The printer, also known as AD4, has an enclosed build area and a larger build volume (220 x 200 x 250 mm) than its younger brother, the Adventurer 3.

Read on to find out everything you should know about the 3D printer.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Review

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Review 1


Features and Improvements

The Adventurer 4 is a budget 3D printer that is loved for its size and ease of use. Notable features of the 3D printer include:

  • Several nozzle options for different types of materials
  • HEPA filter system
  • Nine-point automatic table calibration system without leveling
  • Larger print size
  • Newly released Flashprint slicer (version 5.1.0) that allows users to easily monitor and control multiple 3D printers at the same time
  • 240℃/265 quick release nozzle

Let’s dive deeper into some of the features that make Adventurer 4 a great addition to the Flashforge FDM 3D printers lines.

Nozzle and Extruder

The Flashforge Adventurer 4 has 0.4mm nozzle that can reach temperatures of 240℃ nozzle. In addition to this, there is a 0.4mm nozzle that can reach temperatures of up to 265℃.

Both nozzles are equipped with a convenient quick release system that allows users to quickly swap one nozzle for the other.

The 265℃ nozzle can print objects with materials requiring higher temperatures. Examples of such materials include ABS, PC, PETG, PLA-CF and PETG-CF.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Review 2

Large Closed Build Area

The Adventurer 4 has a large and fully enclosed build area measuring 250 x 220 x 200mm. The manufacturer also added a HEPA 13 filter and an enlarged spool holder capable of holding 1kg of filament.

The HEPA 13 filters toxic fumes. This is especially important if you print with materials such as ABS. With the Adventurer 4, you get a cleaner printer that doesn’t pollute your home with harmful fumes and plastic dust.

Automatic Leveling

The 3D printer also has an improved printbed. The alignment process is fully automated, essentially eliminating the need to calibrate the table.

The printer has an 8mm thick CNC’d aluminum plate that is super flat. Therefore, there is no risk of print deformation when printing at high temperatures. To get the Adventurer 4 ready to print, simply run the calibration procedure on the screen.

The printer has a magnetic table surface that makes it easy to remove printed models.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Review 3

The Adventurer 4 3D printer is aimed at manufacturers, designers and educational institutions. The printer is safe and easy-to-use, and is sure to awaken the creativity and imagination of students.

The Adventurer 4 is also ideal for home use. You can use it to print bulky essentials such as clothes hangers, cups, vases, table lamps, and toys for children. The HEPA filter and closed housing makes the printer safe to use for the whole family.

Last but not least, for designers and civil engineers, the Adventurer 4 is great for prototyping, functional testing, 3D model compliance, and more.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Technical Specs

General Specifications

Technology Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
Year 2021
Assembly Fully-assembled
Mechanical Arrangement Cartesian
Manufacturer FlashForge

3D Printing Specifications

Build Volume 220 x 200 x 250 mm
Feeder System Bowden
Print head Single nozzle
Nozzle size 0.4 mm (optional 0.3/0.6 mm)
Max. hot end temperature 265 °C
Max. heated bed temperature 110 °C
Print bed material Magnetic
Frame Aluminum
Bed leveling Fixed Bed Nine-Point Leveling
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Print recovery Yes
Filament sensor Yes
Camera Yes

Software Requirements

Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Third-party filament Yes
Filament materials PLA, ABS, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF

Dimensions & Weight

Frame dimensions 500 x 470 x 540 mm
Weight 26 kg

About FlashForge

FlashForge, which manufactures both consumer and professional industrial 3D printers, is a popular brand in the global 3D printing industry. By expanding research and development and strengthening manufacturing capacity, Flashforge will provide more and more reliable devices and services to customers.


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