eSUN PETG Filament Review

While FDM technology is becoming more available every day, ABS or PLA may not always meet your needs. Fortunately, ESUN, one of the 3D printing materials manufacturers, has introduced a new material – PETG , which is not only available at an affordable price per kilogram, but also very durable, flexible and even transparent. Although it may be too late to print Christmas decorations, now many new designs in the new year can be made from this material.

PETG – short for polyethylene terephthalate glycol, a high impact plastic made of polyethylene terephthalate with added glycol (international designation PET-G). Thanks to modification, PETG does not crystallize when heated, which allows deeper stretching during thermoforming. At the same time, PETG (PETG) does not lose its main properties: impact resistance and transparency. The manufacturer claims that the material is as strong as ABS, but with print properties like PLA. Chemically different from a number of other printing filaments, it can be printed at low temperatures without pre-drying, on 3D printers without a heated pad.

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The new PETG plastic was developed by the Chinese 3D printing plastic manufacturer ESUN, and their representative told us that the new material outperforms ABS and PLA plastics in several ways. Despite its high level of strength and toughness, it remains very flexible and recyclable despite its transparency. It is also odorless during printing and has low shrinkage, and does not suffer from deformation, as often happens with ABS plastic. In addition to its natural natural color, PETG plastic is also available in red, yellow and blue.

Material characteristics are as follows:

  • printing temperature – 230 ~ 250 ° С;
  • platform heating temperature – 80 ~ 90 ° С, you can do without a heated platform;
  • printing speed – 30 ~ 60mm / s;


The value for money makes PETG plastic the most attractive of all modified plastics.

PETG (PETG) plastic is available in the online store of the official ESUN distributor in Russia, the Tsvetnoy Mir company.

It can be shipped anywhere in Russia, check it out!

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