Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Review

An air purifier is one of the accessories you might want to have when printing using resin. The purifier helps to neutralize the odor produced by the resin during the printing process. In this Elegoo Mini Air Purifier review, we’ll look at the performance of this unit and whether it is a must-have addition to your resin 3D printing work.

It is time to say farewell to the bad odor produced during resin 3D printing? Well, that’s what I thought when I came across the Elegoo Mini Air Purifier.

I found the 3D printer air purifier on Elegoo official website and ordered it right away. As you can guess from the name, this is a small filter system that is meant to eliminate odors produced during resin printing.

Elegoo Mini Air Purifier
Elegoo Mini Air Purifier


In this review, we’ll find out what the device can do, what’s in it, and whether it’s worth buying or just another gimmick.

Let’s get started.

Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Review

I am often asked, doesn’t the 3D printing resin print smell too much and can something be done about it?

Well, if you have this question, then read on.

When I got the Elegoo Mini Air Purifier, I unpacked it and was presented with two filter systems!

Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Review 1

What’s in the Box?

In the box, you will get:

  • 2 filter systems, each with a carbon filter
  • Power supply adapter, 5V, 1000mA
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instructions in two lines glued to the top of the lid as a sticker

The instructions are simply written; “Please open the cap of the purifier and remove the protective paper.”

That is the only instruction available.

While this unit is cheap (check current price), I would have expected a slightly comprehensive instruction manual.

Anyway, let’s continue.

is the complete guide!

Technical Specifications

Well, thanks to no further information, the technical data is manageable:

Voltage: 5V, 1000mA
Dimensions: 43mm x 43mm x 109mm (LxWxH)
Fan Speed: 4000/R
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Power:  0.3 Watt.
Running Time:  24 hours


I pulled off the lid labeled ELEGOO, and saw the wrapped carbon filter that was visible in the upper white lid:

Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Review 2

Next, I unpacked the charcoal filter. Be careful not to drop  the filter as it will mess up your floor. Remember, charcoal is charcoal. If necessary, wear gloves.

Next, I put back the unpacked carbon filter into the cap and placed it on the base.

Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Review 3

There is a fan, battery and some electronics under the blue protective grille.

Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Review 4


After correctly assembling the Elegoo Mini Air Purifier, you have to charge both filter systems using the charging cable and the plug-in power supply unit. When charged, both filters will be ready for use.

To start the filter system, press the button on the front. Unfortunately, there is no LED to indicate operation. The only existing LED is only visible when charging. Moreover, the unit operates very quietly. Therefore, you have to listen carefully to determine if the system is running!

When activated, you need to place the filter in the printer under the hood during printing and let it run. The filter sucks in the air from above, pulls it through the carbon filter and ejects it again in the lower part of the filter system. This is a recirculating air filter system.

Elegoo Mini Air Purifier Review 5


So, is the Elegoo Mini Air Purifier a sensible accessory to buy?

Well, printers like the ELEGOO Mars Pro, which also has a built-in filter, can make use of this little helper. I haven’t been using either filter for very long, but I’ll admit the built in filter in the Mars Pro works quite well and it’s built in exactly the same way as these filters here.

On the same note, I have to mention that most resin manufacturers have been producing materials that are less odorous in the past few months. New resins are coming out that do not smell as pungent as their earlier counterparts, which of course benefits this filter system.

One of the types of resin that  doesn’t produce any  smell is Weistek Resin. Unfortunately, the material is harder to find and often gets sold out quickly.

If you are using a resin 3D printer in your apartment or house, this rechargeable filter system can help to neutralize the strong smell produced by the resin.

Does it help?

Yes, it does.

The two filters neutralize the smell a bit. However, they don’t remove 100% of the smell!

One of the negatives of this 3D printer accessory is that it comes with no instructions nor technical data.
Without instructions, you don’t know whether both filters should be used at the same time or whether one filter is sufficient.

On the same note, there is no information on how long a charcoal filter lasts or where you can get replacement filters.



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