Crenova 3D Printing Pen

I wish I could have seen the look on the face of Crenova 3D Printing Pen manufacturers when they released it into the market. From the look of things, they were clearly aiming at destabilizing the market and changing people ís perception about artwork and art. And they did just that. According to users online, this 3D pen rates above the rest. It gives one the opportunity to display their artistic skills in a way that intrigues and captivates other people. I had an opportunity to experience this pen and compared it to others that I have used before.

Features of the Crenova 3D Printing Pen

Model Name: Crenova 3D Printing Pen Stereoscopic Craft Drawing Doodler with LED Display

  • Power Input: 12V 3A
  • Nozzle Diameter: About 0.002ft/0.pmm
  • Heating Temperature: Adjustable ABS:210?-235?

PLA: 160?-210?

  • Works with PLA/ABS
  • Free temperature adjustable button
  • Press backward or forward button to withdraw or insert the filaments at anytime

Why the Crenova 3D Printing Pen Is The Best Choice For You

The manufacturers of this pen claim that itís the best in the market. But theirs is not just a claim. Crenova 3D is designed for optimum performance and with a sturdy look that is an eye magnet for any fanatic or artist.

While the world is afraid that 3D technology is sweeping off all the art we were accustomed to, Crenova has incorporated modern art and has a technology that supersedes all the other 3D pens in the market. Itís not just the ease of using it because of its lightweight design, or the sleek outlook; the features of this 3D pen are also something else. And the icing on the cake is that even young kids from 8 years of age can safely use the Crenova 3D Pen.

Features of the Crenova 3D Printing Pen

  1. LED Screen Display

If you are crazy with colors especially when doodling, the Crenova printing pen is something you will want to have. It has an LED screen that allows you to choose and mix the colors you want to have and the perfect filament material for your design. This feature also makes it easy and fun for kids to use this pen as they can choose the filaments through the screen.

  1. The Design

Unlike 3D pens that have wide bodies and as a result are heavier, the Crenova 3D pen is designed with a slender body that makes it easy to hold and work with both the tiny hands of kids and the big hands of parents. In fact, the Crenova 3D pen is one of the lightest pens you will ever come across in the market.

  1. Filament Control

One feature that always makes it difficult for people to get accustomed to using 3D pens is the rigid control features. With Crenova, you are not only given the freedom to control the speed of the filament output but also the size. These easy controls come in handy when you are after accuracy. And the quality of the 3D printing from this is always amazing.

  1. Adjustable Temperature

If you are doing some technical artwork, you will appreciate a 3D pen that is able to cool relatively fast. The temperature controls in this gadget are amazing and both beginners that are slow and speedy professionals can get impressive designs from this pen. Also, you can easily and quickly change filament material and also temperature using the efficient LED screen.

  1. Preserve Temperature for Later Use

Another amazing feature in this 3D pen is the temperature standby means. This makes it possible for you to preserve hot temperature and not be worried about wasting time waiting for it to heat up when you are ready to work again.

Users Feedback and Comments

Even with Crenova 3D pens reputation of being the best in the market, it does not miss a few faults or features that users feel could do with some boost. Some concerns from unsatisfied users were:

  • The nozzle heats up to 132 degrees which is extremely hot and dangerous for handling with bare hands. People using Crenova 3D Pen should therefore exercise extreme caution when using it.
  • Crenova 3D Pen is not safe for children below 8 years of age and this therefore means that you must be very careful with how you store it and where you use it.

However, there were more users that were happy with this product as opposed to those who were dissatisfied with it. Most of the happy users stated that they couldnít find another pen that matches the standards of Crenova. The features of this pen were praised for being outstanding and the ease of use gave most of the usersí hours of fun with it.


Crenova 3D Pen is rated at 4.7. This is a higher rating in comparison to most of the other 3D pens. Its features are more updated than for the other 3D pens. The slender and lightweight design has been praised for enhancing convenience in use.

Although some unhappy users raised concern over the price of this pen and termed it expensive, those who are happy with it tend to disagree and feel that it gives value for its money. The issue about safety for use by children is also controversial as happy users find it safe and child-friendly especially with the LED screen that makes it possible for children to change filament easily.

My verdict for the Crenova 3D pen is that although there are a few users that did not have a happy experience with this pen, most of the users are happy with it. I would therefore happily recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable and fun 3D pen.

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