Overstepping the Limits of Creativity with CreoPop 3D

Invention, just like art, is unpredictable and is not subject to human expectations. The CreoPop 3D pen is one such invention that exploded artistic limitation and presented an opportunity for emergence of new generation 3D artists. This pen gives freedom for using a variety of ink types that include glowing ink, elastic ink, aromatic ink, magnetic ink and others to create mind-blowing art pieces.

The CreoPop 3D pen is user friendly. It is designed with different tools that help beginners gain confidence in their artistic abilities.

How CreoPop Works

Some years ago it would have been impossible to imagine drawing 3D objects in the air. Some people would have even banished such thoughts. However, man has again proved his ingenuity by not only developing pens that can draw on air, but also within a relatively short time.

CreoPop uses a special light sensitive ink (photo-polymer) that hardens when UV rays are shined on it. The U rays emanate from the tip of the pen and therefore as the artist continues to create 3D objects, they are immediately dried by the light. Working with this pen is therefore just like using an ordinary pen. The creations made by this pen are attractive and durable and can therefore be used for demonstrations or teaching for a very long time.

Unlimited Possibilities with CreoPop

One feature of CreoPop thatís unique is the color variety that itís equipped with. Creativity often calls for variationÖart in itself signifies variation and uniqueness. With CreoPop, you can experiment with colors to come up with unique designs.

This feature makes this pen ideal for children as they are naturally attracted to colors. It is also makes the pen an excellent tool for designing unique logos and decorating gift items.

Creation with glowing ink

Genius artistic creativity has led to the invention of ink that is illuminated in darkness. And CreoPop brings you the possibility of creating unique art work pieces that glow in the dark. If you can imagine a dark room thatís beautifully illuminated by an artistic art piece, then you will want to have a CreoPop pen in your house. With this technology, you can use the pen to create household items that will put ësunshineí throughout your home whether in the day or night. You can also use the pen to add glow to dull art pieces and minimize the monotony of living rooms and other spaces in the house.

Creation with elastic ink

The CreoPop pen is the only one invented so far that gives userís freedom of creating elastic items. Expert designers can grab the opportunity presented by this pen to create unique pieces for example elastic dresses or Barbie dolls, and other toys. This special ink gives artists a chance to stretch to stretch their imagination and create items that are second to none in regards to quality.

Creating Scented Items with CreoPop Pen

Did you know that there is a 3D pen that can create an item that resembles and smells like the real-life counterpart? Well, the CreoPop pen is one such pen that emits unique scented ink thatís pleasant and realistic. With this special ink you can create inanimate designs like a flower that mimics the real flower. An artist can use this same ink to draw and create fresheners for the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms in designs that exhibit the uniqueness of the said spaces. This pen uses this feature to create some form of realism in art.

CreoPop and Scientific Experimentation

It is unbelievable how art has evolved from mere diagrammatic objects that can only be looked at and studies, to life-like objects that you can use for experiments. However, if you need such an artistic tool for creating real objects then youíve got to get your hands on CreoPop. If you are doing an experiment that will need something that conducts electricity, for example an electric circuit then you can use the special ink that conducts electricity to design such an object. This presents a rare opportunity for electricians to use a cheaper and faster method for their designs and experimentation.

Testing the convenience and safety of CreoPop

3D pens are usually manufactured at very high temperatures because of the plastic material they are made of. Most of these pens also emit unpleasant smells that sometime dampen the enthusiasm of artists. CreoPop comes in as a convenient 3D pen that is safe for users. It is so ideal that it can be used in creating tattoos without users fearing any harm.


CreoPop 3D pen is a futuristic pen that has and will continue to revolutionize art in a very special way. Itís unique and presents features that are rare in other common 3D pens. This is definitely an excellent an excellent gadget to invest in or to gift your loved ones.


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