CrealityFalcon: Navigating the Future, A Collaborative Progress in 2024

The year 2023 posed both challenges and opportunities for Creality. We all know the brand for their affordable and high quality 3D printers. But now, it’s clear that the company is not just about 3D printers, but also a force to reckon with when it comes to laser engraving machines.

Creality’s R&D Department has put significant time and resources to develop high quality laser engravers, notably the CrealityFalcon series. The company’s commitment to manufacturing quality but afforable laser engraving and cutting machines was brought to fore with the launch of their dedicated engraving machine website,

CrealityFalcon is an official sub-brand of Creality. The company has consistently championed the provision of top-notch laser engraving machines, striving to empower users on their creative journeys through continuous innovation. If you are new to laser engraving, visit their website to learn of the capability of the range of CrealityFalcon laser machines.

CrealityFalcon: Navigating the Future, A Collaborative Progress in 2024 1

Looking at it, CrealityFalcon’s journey features highlights of notable milestones, which only reinforce the Creality’s commitment to serving users in the laser engraving field.

Laser Engraving Machines for Everyone

Majority of the laser engraving machines available on the market were very expensive. The high cost of the machines made them inaccessible to many users. Creality recognized this and sought to address the challenge by designing and developing  more cost-effective machines.

Creality laser engravers are designed to be user friendly and address many of the pain points that laser engraving enthusiasts face. This is evident with all the Falcon laser engravers series.

It all started in 2021, with the introduction of the CV01-Pro. The release of the machine gathered the attention of many laser engraving pros. The CV01-Pro enjoyed a warm reception in the laser engraving community, and this made Creality realize it is on the right course. As a result, the company allocated more resources towards research, innovation, and product development

Building on CV01-Pro’s success, Creality listened to user feedback and in 2022, launched the CR-Laser Falcon series. This expanded lineup, featuring models with 5W, 7.5W, and 10W laser heads, brought substantial functional upgrades to cater to diverse cutting and engraving needs. But it was more than just product enhancements; Creality also prioritized customer service experience.

CrealityFalcon 2 Laser Engravers

Next, came the Falcon2 series, with models offering 12W, 22W, and 40W laser power. The series stands out not only for its superior performance but also for the convenience it offers users, The Falcon2 series machines are sold as complete units, This eliminates installation hassles, which can be quite challenging for new users.

creality falcon 2 22w laser
Creality Falcon 2 22W Laser Comes Fully Assembled

With the unveiling of Falcon2 series products, CrealityFalcon’s brand philosophy and service approach evolved. The company shifted to providing fully-assembled units that are ready to use out-of-the-box. The goal is to make it easy for end users to get started with laser engraving without having to worry about the technical aspects of assembly or configuration. This user-focused strategy reflects the company’s dedication to providing exceptional user experience.

As we look towards 2024, CrealityFalcon is focusing more on product refinement and customer service. Laser engraving hobbysist and ethusiasts has a reason to celebrate as Creality continues to innovate in the evolving landscape.

Creality laser engravers have gained recognition for their quality and performance. Users appreciate the brand’s affordable laser engravers that outperform some more expensive units by competitors.

creality falcon laser machines

Creality’s commitment to ongoing improvements aligns with the broader industry trends, ensuring users find reliable and innovative solutions for their engraving needs. The Falcon series, in particular, has carved a niche by providing a range of power options, catering to varied creative demands.

For anyone new to laser engraving, or looking for an affordable laser machine, we highly recommend the CrealityFalcon series. And for a limited time, you can get your favorite machine at significant discounts at their official laser machine website,

CrealityFalcon2  Coupon


Official Store Notable Features
  • 40W strong power
  • 25000 mm/min ultra-fast
  • Adjustable light beam
  • Five safety protections
  • New integrated air assist
  • 0.0125mm motion accuracy
  • Triple Monitoring systems
  • Magical colorful engraving
  • 22W Cutting Power)
  • 25000 mm/min ultra-fast
  • Integrated Air Assist
  • 3 steps assembly
  • Five safety protections
  • Colorful Engraving
  •  Wide compatibility
  • Offline Creation
  • Triple Monitoring Systems
  • Outstanding Motion Stability
  • 12W+ laser module
  • 25000 mm/min utra-fast
  • 0.06×0.08mm laser spot
  • Integrated air assist
  • Three-step focusing
  • Triple monitoring systems
  • Five safety protection
  • Pre-assembled structure
  • Beginner-Friendly.
  • Integrated Air-assist
  • One-Button Control
  • Import files through TF Card.
  • 6-lens array
  • Cut through various materials

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