CoreXY vs Cartesian 3D Printer

What is the difference between CoreXY and Cartesian 3D printers? Read our CoreXY vs Cartesian 3D printers guide to find out how the machines compare to each other.

What is a CoreXY 3D Printer?

CoreXY 3D printing system was unveiled in 2013. This is a belt system that moves in either the X or Y axis when the printer is operational. The movement is designed to reduce twisting when objects are being printed. As a result, CoreXY 3D printers produce higher-quality 3D models.

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The weight of the X and Y motors are in one place, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the printer.

The CoreXY printer tool head moves at a 45° with the aid of the timing belt. However, with this system, the belts moves in both X and Y axes, which helps to reduce the instances of twisting when printing.

Finally, the X and Y motors are kept in place, which reduces the overall weight of the printer.

When the belt of the system moves, the tool head also moves at a 45°.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CoreXY 3D Systems

CoreXY design machines print fast without compromising the quality of prints. The printers are compact but do not sacrifice build volume.

However, the printer may require a longer setup due to the belt system. Moreover, if the frame is not assembled in a perfect square, the printer may not be precise.

What is a Cartesian 3D Printer?

Cartesian 3D printers are the traditional model machines that use X, Y, and X axes to move all the parts that are involved in 3D printing (the print head and printbed). Since the printer moves all parts linearly in the X, Y and Z axes, it has to be kept stable to achieve high quality prints.

Another feature of these printers is that they use Cartesian coordinates to determine the areas to print.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Cartesian Systems

First off, Cartesian systems are cheaper. Majority of the budget 3D printers on the market are based on the Cartesian model.

Moreover, the printers are easy to set up and use. This explains their appeal to new makers as well as 3D printing hobbyists.

CoreXY vs Cartesian 3D Printer 2

However, the printers are usually slower than CoreXY machines. The printers also have a heavier frames and bigger dimensions and, therefore, take up a lot of space.

Differences Between CoreXY vs Cartesian 3D Printers

Here are the main differences between CoreXY and Cartesian 3D printers:

  • Setup: CoreXY 3D printers are difficult to set up while Cartesian 3D printers are easier to set up.
  • Movement: CoreXY print heads move at 0° or 90° while Cartesian print heads moves at 45°.
  • Printing: CoreXY 3D printers use belts while Cartesian machines use X, Y, and axes to print
  • Speed: CoreXY 3D printers print fast while their Cartesian counterparts usually print slow.

CoreXY vs Cartesian 3D Printers: Ease of Use

Is a 3D printer using the CoreXY system easier to use than one using a Cartesian system?

Generally, Cartesian 3D printers are easier to setup and use. This explains why they are so popular in the industry.

For beginners or home users, Cartesian printers are the best option. They are easier and more straightforward to set up.

Moreover, there are dozens of active online communities set up around various Cartesian 3D printers. Therefore, in case you encounter any problem, finding a solution will be easy.

However, this doesn’t mean that CoreXY 3D printers are incredibly difficult to set up. Rather, they take longer and require more tweaking to get them to print accurately.

The main challenge of CoreXY 3D printers revolves around the assembly and the bely system. If the belt system is not tensioned properly, the printer will wear off faster and not print accurately. On assembly, if the frames are not set to be squared, the printer will have issues with accuracy.

CoreXY vs Cartesian 3D Printer: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Cartesian 3D printers are usually cheaper than their CoreXY counterparts. In fact, the most popular 3D printers use the Cartesian system.

However, you can also find affordable CoreXY 3D printers.

Still, general, on matters price, Cartesian 3D printers are cheaper.

Best Core XY 3D Printers

Here is a list of the best CoreXY 3D printers you can buy:

1. Two Trees SP 5 V3 Core XY 3D Printer

This affordable CoreXY 3D printer has two extruders and precision linear rails. The setup takes less than two hours.

CoreXY vs Cartesian 3D Printer 3


2. Tronxy X5SA Pro

This 3D printer has a filament runout senso, double-axis guide rails dn auto leveling bed. The print speed and quality of the model is remarkable.

Tronxy X5SA Pro


3. Creativity Elf Pro 3D Printer

This easy-to-use printer has a touchscreen and operates quietly. Therefore, it is great for an office or home setup.Creative 3D Elf Printer


Best Cartesian 3D Printers

1. Creality Ender 3

The Ender 3 has a decent build volume and a power failure support system. The 3D printer is affordable and produces great results. We covered much about the printer in our Creality Ender 3 review.

Creality Ender 3


2. Prusa i3 MK3S+

While somewhat expensive, this 3D printer offers high-quality prints. The well-constructed printed has an easy-to-use software, pause-and-restart functions, auto-calibration and more.

Prusa i3 MK3S


3. Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen

This is a good printer that is easy to get started with, even for a beginner. The printer has decent build volume and a functional software.

Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen


Alternatives to CoreXY and Cartesian 3D printers

Other FD 3D printers that you may be interested in are H-Bot systems and Delta Systems.

Verdict: CoreXY vs Cartesian, which is Better?

The CoreXY and Cartesian are both FDM 3D printers that are similar in many ways. However, the printers also have some differences.

Cartesian 3D printers are easier to set up and get started with. Therefore, they are suitable for beginners.

On the other hand, CoreXY 3D printers produce more accurate results and print faster.

So, which 3D printer should you buy?

For beginners, we recommend you go with the Creality Ender 3. This Cartesian model is affordable and easy to get started with.

For experienced makers, the Two Trees Sapphire Pro 5 V3 is a better option. The printer provides great results and can be customized for even better operations.

Both Cartesian and CoreXY 3D printers have their place. Before you choose a printer, consider your skills, the type of models you will be printing, the size of your models and your budget.

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