Best CAD Keyboard Reviews

Which is the best CAD keyboard on the market? Read on to find out.

best cad keyboardCAD has become popular and today, there are computers and accessories that are specifically tailored for CAD professionals. Among the CAD accessories that are not given much thought are the mouse and keyboard.

Which is the Best Keyboard for CAD?

To answer this question, there is simply no such thing as a ìCAD keyboardî. The aim of having a CAD keyboard should be to allow designers to work more efficiently. However, efficiency has been taken over by CAD software programs instead.

The best CAD and 3D printing software programs allow you to set shortcut keys or hotkeys for the common operations. Therefore, the only thing you would need is a keyboard with a NUMpad, which is something nearly all keyboards have.

Continue reading this CAD keyboard review for recommendations of the best accessories to get.

Best CAD Keyboards on the Market

#1. Logitech G510s

The Logitech G510s is known as a gaming keyword. However, it is also an excellent option for CAD. The keyboard for CAD has 18 programmable keys. The keyboardís backlight is custom for the main body, which features a sleek, stealth-aircraft design.

logitech g510s

The fact that sets the G510s apart is the game panel LCD that is right on the top. There are also many add-ons and third-party widgets on the keyboard that can show custom data in the LCD, including CPU core temperature and other non-keyboard related functions.

#2. Logitech Keyboard MK120

One of the best CAD keyboards on the market is the MK120. This beautifully designed ergonomic keyword has a basic layout and produces punch-like sounds with every key press. The accessory has a generic design and can be used by designers working with Photoshop or any CAD software.

The keyboard provides a mature feel beneath your fingers. Its edgy design and protrusions provide an unmissable aesthetic look. The only thing that may store a serious CADer with more than 12 macros setup are the regular function keys.

I love this keyword. It works like a charm with the accented, open-spaced interior casting easily cleanable.

logitech mk120


The MK120 keys are paste on a big enough for any size of fingers without any backlighting. The plastic can withstand 10 million keystrokes per key. This means you can use the keyboard for about 12 years.

#3. Logitechís K830

Another Logitech model that makes it on our list of the best CAD keyboard is the Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830. The keyword looks basic but donít let the design fool you. This keyboard is built for your SmartTV and this is why it has a trackback integrated into it. The trackback is multi-gesture enabled and can be connected through the USB, which also allows it to charge.

If you are interested in simulation, rendering or CADing tasks that do not involve a lot of dimensional input, you should get the Logitech K830 keyword. There are multiple options in the illumination settings that allow manual or automatic illumination. Another feature you will love is the wireless 2.4 GHz band that gives you enough room to move around.

logitech k830


#4. Logitech K480

Another CAD keyboard you may want to buy is the Logitech K480. This Bluetooth multi-device keyboard allows you to work at around 30 ft. from your workstation. You can use your mobile devices to connect to the keyboard to type.

The Logitech K480 supports 3 devices and switches with the twist of a dial. Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android controls are all supported and printed on the keyboard.

The Logitech K480 comes in two color schemes.

logitech k480

Finally, you can also get the Logitech K350 keyboard. This simple, wireless keyboard features and ergonomic design and stands out for its fluid like curve that cushions your hand even without you trying.

The keyboard has a media controller on the top with three programmable keys that allows you to instantly access media.


All the above keyboards for CAD will be worth buying. The keyboards are comfortable, reliable and a great choice for anyone that does design work. You may find any of the above keyboards appealing to you based on what you prefer.

If you like customizable keyboards, we recommend choosing a programmable model. If you like to mix CAD with multimedia, the best keyboard to buy would be the Logitechís K830. If you are on a small budget but still donít want to compromise on efficiency, I recommend you check the Logitechís K120.

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