Here Are 6 of the Best 3D Printers with Auto Leveling Function

Which is the best 3D printer with auto leveling function? Check our guide of 6 printers loved by the 3D printing community.

One of the tricky steps of 3D printing is manual bed leveling. The process can be frustrating and time-consuming. If the build plate is not level, you can end up with inaccurate prints. Therefore, levelling the bed is something that you do not want to skip when preparing your 3D print.

Some of the modern 3D printers have auto bed leveling. The printers have a sensor that enables them to “probe” various points of the print bed and calculate the distance between the nozzle and the print bed. From the information collected, the printer will then adjust the bed automatically, ensuring the nozzle is at an optimum distance when the printing will start.

However, auto leveling the print bed is not a foolproof way of getting accurate prints. This is why some people prefer to manually level their 3D printer’s print bed.

There are various 3D printers on the market that can automatically level their print beds. In this guide, we present the best 3D printers with auto level feature.

But first, here is a quick comparison table.

Make Weight Connectivity Price
Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 14 lbs. USB, SD card
Flsun i3 Plus 22 lbs. USB, SD card
LulzBot Mini 18.9 lbs. USB
Robo 3D R2 30.2 lbs. Wi-Fi, USB
LulzBot TAZ 6 33 lbs. USB, SD card

Best 3D Printer with Auto Leveling Function

  • 1. Original Prusa i3 MK3S+

Original Prusa i3 MK3


Coming from one of the best 3D printer brands on the market, the Original Prusa i3 MK3 is packed with a load of technology that make 3D printing accurate and easy.

The 3D printer is available in both pre-assembled form and as a kit. The DIY kit is cheaper by about $200 than the pre-assembled MK3.

If you are a 3D printer enthusiast and would like to increase your knowledge in the field, you should always go for DIY kits. The experience you will gain by assembling a 3D printer on your own will be valuable in your journey in 3D printing technology.

The MK3 3D printer kit is easy to assemble. In about 6 hours, you will have your 3D printer ready for your first prints. The 3D printer kit comes with a detailed instruction manual that has clear steps to take when assembling the kt.

There is very little customization required for the Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer. The auto bed level feature works well, ensuring that the bed is at the right level for the accuracy of your prints. Loading the filament into the printer is easy and you can instantly remove the magnetic print bed.

The Original Prusa i3 MK3 is an open source 3D printer that has a filament sensor. The printer can recover from print failure. Should the filament run out during a print, the MK3 will pause and wait for a new spool of filament to be loaded.

Moreover, 3D the printer can detect clogging at the nozzle. In case of any clogging, the MK3 printer will pause, allowing you to clean the nozzle.

On the outside, the MK3 is similar to the MK2. However, in performance, the MK3 comes out to be superior in print quality, speed, and other aspects. This new version more accurate, reliable, and consistent.

The Original Prusa i3 MK3 is one of the quietest open-framed 3D printers. The printer works silent sin the background and does not require heavy maintenance after each job.

From our research, the MK3 is the best 3D printer with auto leveling technology. The printer with a large build volume has various features that make printing 3D objects.

Technical Specs

Resolution 50 microns
Volume 9.8 x 8.3 x 8.3 in
Filament 1.75 mm
Type ABS, PLA, Nylon, and others
Weight 14 lbs.
Connect USB, SD Card

What We Love

  • Large build size
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Fast print size
  • Excellent print quality
  • Low noise level
  • Has filament sensor
  • Can resume prints in case of power loss


  • Has no enclosure
  • The graphical interface is quite basic
  • 2. Flsun i3 Plus

Flsun i3 Plus


If you are looking for the best auto leveling 3D printer that is less than $500, get the Flsun i3 Plus. This DIY kit requires some work to assemble it, especially if you are a beginner. However, after assembly, you will be pleasantly satisfied with its quality of prints.

The Flsun i3 Plus comes in different configurations, and feature a dual extruder setup, touchscreen interface and auto bed leveling technology. This large 3D printer with a generous build size is open-framed.

The assembly instruction manual is not very detailed. Therefore, the setup process can be quite challenging. The available manual provides the assembly steps for the printer with a single-extruder. Therefore, if the 3D printer you have bought is of a different configuration, some parts of the manual will not make sense.

To be successful with the initial setup, you have to watch some videos on YouTube. Here is one video that we recommend:

However, the challenging assembly procedure is worth it considering that this reliable 3D printer costs less than $500. The printer produced detailed 3D models. However, to get consistent results, you will have to tinker the 3D printer quite a bit.

The large build volume of the Flsun i3 Plus is one of its selling features. This large space means you can print different types of objects, be they functional or complex. The printer has a dual extruder that enables you to print with two colors. The printer also allows you to experiment with different types of filaments.

If you are using an exotic filament on the Flsun i3 Plus, make sure you know the settings to use to get accurate prints.

At the base of the 3D printer, there is a user-friendly touchscreen interface with straight-forward options.

While the Flsun i3 Plus may not be the best 3D printer for beginners, its quality of print easily outshines that of a few printers in the same price range. We love the large build volume, auto bed leveling system and quality of prints of this 3D printer.

Technical Specs

Resolution 50 microns
Volume 11.8 x 11.8 x 16.5 in
Filament 1.75 mm
Type ABS, PLA, PETG, and others
Weight 22 lbs.
Connect USB, SD Card

What We Love

  • Relatively fast print speed
  • Heated print bed
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Open filament system
  • Excellent print quality
  • Dual extruder setup
  • Large build volume


  • Has no enclosure
  • The instruction manual is for a different product
  • The initial assembly is quite challenging
  • 3. LulzBot Mini

LulzBot Mini


The best mini 3D printer on the market is the LulzBot Mini. This 3D printer is about 50% the cost of its big brother, the TAZ 6. While the LulzBot has some limitations, it still shines with most of the features available on the TAZ 6.

The LulzBot Mini is an open source 3D printer with an open frame. The printer has a sturdy metal frame that keeps it stable during the printing process. There is a power box attached to the side of the frame. The power box helps to reduce the 3D printer machine’s carbon footprint.

Apart from a power button, there are no physical controls on the power box. Everything is controlled from your computer through a USB connection. This printer does not have an SD card slot nor a graphic interface. Therefore, you cannot start a print job before tethering the 3D printer to a computer. At the same time, this means your PC must stay on during the print job. Therefore, expect an increase in your energy bills.

Generally, the LulzBot Mini is comes assembled. However, there are a number of parts that you’ll have to install. The 3D printer with auto leveling comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. Therefore, you will not find the setup process challenging. In most cases, you will be done assembling the printer and all the software in about an hour.

The LulzBot Mini has a heated print bed. Therefore, you can use it to print different types of filaments, not just PLA. By default, the print bed has great adhesion. Therefore, you will not need to do anything extra to increase the adhesion level. You will also love the auto bed leveling system, which makes calibrating the print bed quick and easy.

You can print quality 3D prints with the LulzBot Mini 3D printer. The prints come out detailed and accurate. The printer is also fairly fast. However, it is quite noisy during the printing job.

Looking at other mini 3D printers on the market, the LulzBot Mini has a generous build volume. However, if you need to print extra large items, you would need a printer with an even larger build volume, such as the TAZ 6.

The LulzBot Mini does not have a ton of cool features. However, it does the job right. This sturdy 3D printer is easy to use, reliable, and can produce amazing print works with the right settings.

The LulzBot Mini is the best compact 3D printer with auto bed leveling technology.

Technical Specs

Resolution 50 microns
Volume 6 x 6 x 6.2 in
Filament 3 mm
Type ABS, PLA, PETG, and others
Weight 18.9 lbs.
Connect USB

What We Love

  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual
  • Has relatively fast print speed
  • Great adhesion out of the body
  • Heated print bed
  • Hassle-free initial setup and calibration


  • Quite noisy when printing
  • No SD card slot for offline printing
  • No graphical interface
  • Small build size
  • 4. Robo 3D R2

Robo 3D R2


The Robo 3D R2 is one of the successful 3D printer projects to be funded at Kickstarter. This quality 3D printer with auto leveling has other features that make 3D printing easy.

The Robo 3D R2 looks cool and has some form of enclosure. The printer is covered on both sides and has a door. However, the top part is still open, which is important for regulating temperature during print jobs.

Setting up the R2 is quite straight-forward and easy. The printer comes mostly assembled and you won’t take more than an hour to prep it. This 3D printer is made of sturdy parts and its auto leveling feature works as intended. However, the spool holder at the back is quite fragile. Therefore, you might want to build an external spool holder right off the bat.

The R2 is convenient, comes with a 5-inch touchscreen is has an onboard slicer. You can use the slicer to prepare prints without having to use a computer. While the slicer is not comprehensive, it gets the job done.

This printer also has a built-in memory that can store up to 500 files. You can easily access these files through the onboard interface.

You can connect to the R2 using either Wi-Fi or USB. The USB port is located next to the touchscreen interface on the front.

You can send prints to the printer using your smartphone or tablet. This is made possible through the Wi-Fi connection. There is also an onboard camera on the printer that you can use to monitor the progress of your print job.

The Robo 3D R2 has a large build volume that you can use to print complex 3D models. The print bed is also heated, which means that you can print different types of filaments with this 3D printer. However, the printer does not have an SD card slot.

You’ll need to tinker with the R2 quite a bit before it can produce the best results. Moreover, the printer can be really loud. You will need to get it a fan before you start printing. Even with a fan, you will still need to place the 3D printer in a separate room because of the noise.

The R2 has to be tweaked a bit for it to shine. However, it brings good value to table and is one of the best auto leveling with 3D printer that is enclosed.

Technical Specs

Resolution 20 microns
Volume 8 x 8 x 10 in
Filament 1.75 mm
Type ABS, PLA, PETG, and others
Weight 30.2 lbs.
Connect USB, Wi-Fi

What We Love

  • Great print quality
  • Has an onboard camera for monitoring the print job
  • Filament run-out detector
  • Good print bed adhesion
  • Heated print bed
  • Large build volume
  • Comes mostly assembled


  • Lack of SD slot
  • The frame is made of acrylic, which is not as sturdy as stainless steel
  • Needs an external spool holder
  • The printer is noisy
  • 5. LulzBot TAZ 6

LulzBot TAZ 6


If you are looking for a robust 3D printer with auto bed leveling capability, check out the LulzBot TAZ 6. This printer is bigger, has a massive build volume and, therefore, is perfect for printing complex 3D models.

The TAZ 6 is not enclosed. You can see all its viewing parts, which are housed in a sturdy aluminum frame. The open source printer resembles the LulzBot Mini in various ways. For example, the controller box is attached to the side, which helps in reducing the printer’s footprint/

The TAZ 6 has a graphical interface on the controller box. The LCD interface is operated by a knob and includes simple options. The controller box has an SD card slot, which is something you would want for standalone printing.

The SD card option is more convenient than having a USB connection. However, the TAZ 6 cannot connect to your devices through Wi-Fi. Therefore, you cannot monitor your print progress remotely through your phone or tablet.

The TAZ 6 comes mostly assembled. Therefore, you will only need to install a few parts. The setup process is easy, thanks to the comprehensive manual guide. In about 30 minutes to an hour, you will be ready to print your first prints. Thanks to the auto bed leveling feature, you will not have to worry about calibrating the bed for accurate prints.

The TAZ 6 is one of the most popular 3D printers on the market. In case you get stuck during the assembling process, you can find help at various forums online or the manufacturer.

The prints produced by the TAZ 6 are detailed and accurate. This explains why this printer comes at quite a steep price. You can create smooth 3D prints that you can use for prototypes or the final product. Whether you are looking to print small, non-functional items or large-scale high-res 3D models, this printer has you covered.

The printer has a heated print bed and can print various types of filaments. However, keep in mind that some exotic filaments may have to be printed in an enclosed chamber to ensure temperature consistency.

The TAZ 6 is the best large 3D printer with auto bed leveling technology.

Technical Specs

Resolution 50 microns
Volume 11 x 11 x 9.8 in
Filament 3mm
Type ABS, PLA, HIPS, and others
Weight 33 lbs.
Connect USB, SD card

What We Love

  • Has a heated print bed
  • Prints items fast
  • Excellent print quality
  • Sturdy construction
  • Straight-forward initial setup
  • Large build volume


  • No enclosure
  • It is quite expensive


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