AtmosFlare 3D Pen

Are you crazy about 3D creations? Well, the AtmosFlare 3 pen could help you make your imaginations a reality. Unlike the more common 3D pens that you have to let the molten plastic cool, this one uses sticky ink thatís cured instantly by exposure to a powerful UV light from the pens tip. Artists with an eye for color will be thrilled by the easy-to-switch ink cartridge on this pen that allows for one to easily mix the colors.

AtmosFlare 3D Pen Package Contents

  • A ready to use AtmosFlare 3D pen
  • 4 pen tips
  • 2 refillable ink cartridges
  • A guide map
  • One AA battery on request

Conditions for use

  1. The AtmosFlare 3D pen is recommended for 8 years old and above. Younger kids should only use it under very strict supervision.
  2. The UV light that emanates from the tips of the pen is very strong especially for the eyes. You are therefore advised to take strong precaution and to never shine the light in the eyes.


Step-by-step Guide on Using the Pen

  1. First squeeze the ink before turning on the pen as doing the reverse will result to ink building up in the nozzle which will compel you into changing tips more frequently.
  2. Find a dull surface to do your sculpting. A bright surface will cause the light to be reflected back and cause the 3D ink to solidify in the tip.
  3. To create a stable sculpture, first ink the base and shine the light to cure it.
  4. In the event that the nozzle gets blocked, clear it using the cap or a paper clip if the blockage it too severe.
  5. You should store your AtmosFlare 3D pen in an upright position if you frequently use it so that the sticky ink is kept at the tip of your pen.
  6. You will frequently see moisture build up at the tip of the pen. This is rather harmless and results from the process of curing the ink using strong UV light.
  7. The lighted ìMî emblem flashing thrice is a warning that the battery is drained. This will typically happen after about 4 hours of continuous use.


Positive and Negative Attributes of AtmosFlare 3D Pen


  • Both the 3d pen and the refillable cartridges are not very expensive to purchase.
  • It is the most updated 3D pen invention and is very unique.
  • It is perfect for artists who build sculptures as it makes their designs stand out.
  • When handled by experienced hand the results are amazing and it takes a very short time for the creations to be completed.
  • It is an excellent tool both for home schooling an in class.
  • The ink cures very fast which mean one can draw as long as there is ink.
  • It can be used as a therapeutic tool and also as an educational tool depending on what youíre focusing on.


  • Learning it is very challenging even for children and requires a lot of time and practice.
  • The ink cartridges tend to deplete quite fast and getting a refill can be hard.
  • Some people have the perception that the 3D creations stand on mid-air which is not true as they have to be placed on some solid base.
  • The ink is very sticky and could get surfaces very messy. It is therefore advised to use a mobile disposable surface when making your designs.
  • The amount of hours you can use the pen is limited since the battery only lasts for about 4 hours.


What Are The Differences Between AtmosFlare 3D Pens And Other Pens?

The first impression that AtmosFlare gives, is that of an attractive well-structured kit which easily triggers creativity and enthusiasm from any person with a passion for art. This pen also has more advanced features than other 3D pens.



Although it will take you a lot of practice and patience to come out with neat designs, there is no better 3D pen you can gift yourself. If you are a beginner you might find it difficult to control the UV light thatís directed to cure the sticky ink. When you shine the light for too short the ink may not dry up properly, whereas when you shine it for too long the battery will drain much faster and the ink inside the nozzle will dry up. However with practice you will get to know the optimum amount and time for curing the ink.


What You Should Consider Before Buying This Pen.

You could make unbelievable design creations with this futuristic tool. However, since it tends to release some therapeutic energy when youíre using it, you can easily forget to use the ink sparingly. The ink refills are still hard to come by and although its practice that makes perfect, and you have four pen tips for practice, you should also watch out for how you utilize the ink.


It is not advisable to let children below 17 years use this pen. This is because the UV light thatís released from the tip of the pen is not only dangerous to the eyes but is also difficult to control. However, this pen presents a great opportunity to spend quality time with your younger children and spark up their imagination as you guide them in using the pen.



The 3D pen is indeed a very rare kind that will let you freely and flawlessly draw in mid-air. In the event that the tip of the pen jams, the pen has been designed with a cap that you simply twist to unclog it. Minor clogs are easily cleared by the pointy interior design. In the event of a very sever clog, you can use readily available tools like needles and paper clips to unjam the tip.



This pen presents a unique opportunity for any budding artist to impress people by maximizing their creative abilities. The AtmosFlare 3D pen gives you freedom to sculpt a variety of designs through horizontal or vertical drawings, whichever you decide. You can design awe-inspiring 3D art once you master the layering technique.


Purchasing this pen will also give you a chance to spend quality time with your family as all members can participate in the creative explorations. Who knows, you could even find yourself taking creations from your AtmosFlare 3D pen into boardrooms during presentations. Or your children could develop a lifelong passion for sculpting and drawing.


This new technology 3D pen has definitely revolutionized the art industry. It is now easier to sculpt without any inconveniences and you can easily mix up colors to spice up your creations. Owning this 3D pen will definitely place you on top of the league.

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