Anycubic i3 Mega Spare Parts

You have a problem with your Anycubic i3 Mega and are currently looking for spare parts, or would you like to have some in stock so that your workshop does not have any failures? Then I can certainly be of help to you with this post. I will also try to give you a few reasons why a component may have broken or what could be the cause. I hope you can find all of your components so that you can repair your printer yourself inexpensively.

Spare part list

Heatbed / Ultrabase

The Ultrabase from Anycubic is known for its adhesion, but it can happen that the plate is damaged, e.g. in older versions the adhesive on the plate tends to come loose or the coating has peeled off. This can have various causes: Incorrect cleaning or the use of the spatula.

As a spare part, the Ultrabase is around € 30.



Nozzle / nozzle

The Anycubic uses the pointed mouth nozzles, a distinction is made here between steel and brass. The steel noses / steel nozzles are more resistant to wear, but can usually not be compared with brass nozzles, as these require a different temperature. The standard nozzle has a diameter of 0.4mm, but you can also use any other one, but you have to pay attention to your settings and the resulting changed quality. Because a smaller nozzle takes more time to print, but it also has a higher precision and a wide nozzle is faster, but less precise.

You should not use brass nozzles for filaments such as carbon and wood, since brass is a very soft material, it tends to deform / lose material, making the nozzle unusable in the long run and tending to deteriorate in quality or clog.

Reasons for a clogged nozzle are, for example, wrong temperature, too much retraction (this causes the material in the PTFE tube to cool down and possibly stick there), or filament diameter.

A new set of nozzles costs between € 7 and € 30. 30 € if you switch to a steel nozzle, for example.

Anycubic i3 Mega Spare Parts 1


New & old nozzle in direct comparison after 1 year
Here I also picked out a set of 20 brass nozzles on Amazon for you, but I don’t want to vouch for the quality:Set of 19 brass nozzles on Amazon
More about cheap nozzles


The hotend is usually one of the most grateful parts, as I have noticed so far. It seldom breaks because it has no direct contact with the print, but problems can still arise:

  • Blockage in the sewer due to a slipped hose
  • Defective hot tube / old
  • Temperature sensor defective

You can usually get spare parts from € 14. If you buy these on Ebay, it may be that they are delivered without a connection, this has already happened to me.


Tip to protect your hotend and keep the temperature of the hotend more stable, I recommend upgrading a silicone sock. This doesn’t cost you the world, but helps in the long term for a better lifetime of the hotend.



The extruder brings the filament to the hotend so that it heats the filament. Logical? Logical! But what can go wrong here? Not much, but it is all the more annoying when it does happen.

  • Gear breaks
  • Broken spring
  • M6 thread in the extruder

The price here is around 10 €.Right handed extruder


Extruder of the Anycubic i3 Mega -S:



Plug for hotend and extruder

A rather inconspicuous but serious wear part, because this part holds the Bowden (PTFE hose) in position, but it can happen that the coupling slips due to the constant load and then the hose slips. It is advisable to support the coupling with a very thin cable tie.

The same screws are not used here, there is an M6 plug on the extruder and an M10 plug on the hotend, the costs in the bundle are around € 11, but in a pack of 10.


M 6


Motherboard & Stepper Driver

Components go by, but when the motherboard says goodbye, it’s usually a gradual process due to a partial failure. Various things can be responsible here, a defective transistor, a defective resistor and the system as a whole is no longer properly operational. So it can be that the stepper motor no longer works properly because it receives too little or too much current, it receives wrong signals etc.

But a motherboard is not a total damage, but more than annoying. You have to reckon with costs of 30 € for a new mainboard.

Many renew their stepper drivers so that their printer becomes quieter, that’s completely fine, but you have to make sure that the voltage is set correctly so that the stepper motors get the right voltage and do not take any damage.

Motherboard price: about 29 €.



Stepper driver price: about 30 €.

Stepper driver


power adapter

The power supply is built into the Anycubic below the print bed and is considered very safe in the broadest sense, which cannot be said with other printers. This can lead to heat damage or overvoltage, which, however, usually does not occur. Often there is concern about a cable fire or power supply fire with the Anet a8, the power supply unit is much less sophisticated and at risk of fire, the installation of Mosfets is recommended here, but this is not required in the Anycubic i3 Mega.

If the danger is still too great for you, I recommend buying a fire ball .

Price around € 30.

Power supply


Stepper motor / stepper motor

They are the heart of every FDM printer, because every movement that the printer makes is carried out by a stepper motor, these cost an average of € 15 and are also suitable for one or the other DIY product.

At some point the engine just kneels here.

Stepper motor



Ball bearings can wear out, these ball bearings are systematically like the built-in ball bearings, but in contrast to the plain bearings, these are made of metal. The advantage of ball bearings is their longevity, plastic plain bearings can quickly show signs of wear. This can be damaged by incorrect use or even by greasing.

Ball bearings


Timing belt

A wearing part that rarely has a defect, but when it does have a defect, it is all the more annoying, because you can forget about your printing afterwards, as you have no safety mechanism here that can guarantee whether everything is working or not. Otherwise your print head would simply stop or your bed would no longer move. The repair costs are between 8-15 € depending on whether you buy a bundle or just the tape.

Toothed belt


Other spare parts

Depending on whether a connector is defective or missing from a new hotend, a JST connector box can help you.

JST connector


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