Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World’s First Smart Laser Engraver

“Elevate your craftsmanship with the AlgoLaser Laser Engraver: the perfect pairing for Dremel tools”

Welcome to the future of laser engraving. AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the epitome of cutting-edge technology and creative finesse, is here to redefine the art of engraving. In a world where precision and efficiency are critical, this smart laser engraver stands out for its innovative features.

The Delta 22W is not just a tool; it’s an experience It’s an invitation to explore the boundless possibilities of laser engraving. Let’s check out the features that make this laser cutter a revolutionary choice for creators and artisans alike.

AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Machine

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 1


AlgoLaser Delta 22W Specs

Laser Power 22W
Laser Spot Size 0.16*0.14mm 100% Power
0.06*0.05mm 30% Power
Laser Wavelength 455±5nm
Focal Length 55mm
Focus Mode Auto/Manual
Best One-Pass Cutting Material and Thickness
birch plywood 10mm
basswood plywood 12mm
Eucalyptus plywood 5mm
cork /
pine board 30mm
Paulownia board 15mm
White Oak 10mm
MDF 5mm
black acrylic 10mm
yellow acrylic 3mm
red acrylic 5mm
gray cardboard 3mm
stainless steel plate 0.17mm
birch plywood 12mm / 3
basswood plywood 20mm  / 15
Eucalyptus plywood 15mm  / 6
Paulownia board 20mm  / 3
black acrylic 45mm  / 15
green acrylic 8mm  / 6
red acrylic 10mm  / 6
MDF 12mm  / 6
gray cardboard 6mm  / 2
White Oak 20mm /  5
Bamboo 10mm / 1
Cork /
Pinewood 30mm / 1
Machine Power 144W
Power Supply 24V/6A
Motherboard Version ALGO_LASER_V3.1
Working Are 440*415mm
3.5” IPS Screen
Offline Engraving
RGB Indicator LightRGB
Intergrated Air Pump
Output Volume 30L/min
Automatic Air Assist
Connection Method TF Card, USB-A/C, Wifi-2.4G/5G, U Disk
Software Supported LightBurn/LaserGRBL/AlgoLaser App, JPG, SVG, PNG, BMP
File Format Supported G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, etc.
System Supported Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Web-based
Engraving/Cutting Materials  Cutting Material: All kinds of wood, (but be aware of oily wood or wood with very high resin content, as there is a high risk of fire.) plywood, MDF, cardboard, corrugated board, acrylic board, cork sheet, polycarbonate, Depron foam, non-woven fabric, bamboo chips, leather.

Carving Material: All kinds of wood, (but be aware of oily wood or wood with very high resin content, as there is a high risk of fire.) plywood, MDF, cardboard, corrugated board, acrylic board, cork sheet, polycarbonate, Depron foam, non-woven fabric, bamboo chips, leather, glass, ceramics, tiles, aluminum oxide, stainless steel, coating metal materials, darkstones.

Compatible Accessories 40W laser module, Motorized Z-axis, Engraving Platform, Fireproof Box, Rotary Chuck, Rotary Roller, Camera
Working Temperature -15°C ~ 30°C
Product Weight 8.5KG
Product Size X650*Y730*Z175mm
Packing Weight 12.0KG
Packing Size 795*720*145mm
Certification FCC/CE/RoHS/FDA
Warranty 12 Months

Before we get to the specs, watch the video below:

Smart Laser Module

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W incorporates a Smart Laser Module, taking user experience and safety to a whole new level.

Lens Cleaning Reminder

Imagine having a gentle reminder to keep your lens clean for optimal performance. The Delta 22W does just that to ensure your engravings are consistently precise. The machine smart laser module will remind you when it’s time for a quick clean.

Flame Detection and Protection

Safety is a priority, and the Delta 22W Laser Module has your back. The machine has a Flame Detection and Protection mechanism for an added layer of safety. The mechanism can detect and manage potential flame-related incidents.

Air Pressure Monitoring

Ensuring optimal air pressure is crucial for successful engraving. The Delta 22W monitors air pressure, guaranteeing that you always operate within the ideal conditions for the best engraving results.

The Delta 22W laser module is not just about power. More than that, it’s about leveraging technology to bring efficiency, precision, and safety to the forefront of your creative process.

Delta 22W – Harnessing the Power of Light

At the heart of the AlgoLaser Delta 22W lies a formidable 22W laser module, a pinnacle of laser technology. This module brings a whole new level of precision and efficiency to your engraving projects. The sheer power of the laser module makes engraving on various materials an effortless endeavor. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a world where your creativity knows no bounds.

Advanced Second-generation COS Technology

The Delta 22W laser module is equipped with the advanced second-generation COS technology. The technology is a game-changer in the world of laser engraving as it enhances the laser beam’s performance by an astounding 40%. To put that into perspective, regular 20W laser modules simply can’t keep up.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 2

The COS technology transforms the laser spots from a rectangle to a square, achieving a near 1:1 ratio on both low (3%) and high (100%) power settings.

40% Smaller Spot Size

With COS technology in play, the Delta 22W achieves a significantly smaller spot size. At 3% power, the spot measures a mere 0.06*0.05mm. This means intricate details can be captured to breathe life into your designs.

Optimized at Full Power

Even at 100% power, the Delta 22W maintains an impressive spot size of 0.16*0.14mm. This is important for consistent precision across various power levels. This level of uniformity is a hallmark of the COS technology, setting the Delta 22W apart from the rest.

Smart Screen Control

Experience a revolution in engraving with the AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the world’s first smart laser engraver. The Smart Screen Control feature redefines convenience and accessibility, putting the power of engraving right at your fingertips.

Engrave from Your Machine

  • Instant Image Engraving: Forget the hassle of connecting to devices and apps. The Delta 22W allows you to engrave images directly from the machine.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: The interactive LCD screen isn’t just a display; it’s your control center. Engrave, cut, and manage the air pump with just a few taps on the screen.
  • Machine Insights through RGB Lighting: Stay informed about your machine’s status, working progress, and alerts through vibrant RGB lighting. The Delta 22W communicates with you using an array of colors, ensuring you’re always in the know about your engraving tasks.

Offline Batch Cutting

Sometimes, you need to engrave a series of designs without the hassle of constant connections. The Delta 22W has you covered with its support for offline batch cutting. Simply pre-store your G-code and NC files, and let the Delta 22W handle the rest.

Smart APP: Engrave from Your Phone

Take your creativity anywhere with the AlgoLaser Smart APP. Effortlessly engrave images instantly from your phone. Smart APP simplifies the engraving process, allowing you to upload and engrave your designs with ease.

Enrich Your Artwork with 500+ Shades of Color

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W isn’t just about engraving; it’s about infusing life and character into your creations. Imagine a world where your projects burst with a spectrum of colors, each shade telling its own unique story. With the Delta 22W, this isn’t a dream—it’s a reality.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 3

Vibrant and Durable Colors

  • Innovative Oxidation Process

The Delta 22W employs an innovative oxidation process on stainless steel materials during the engraving. This process is nothing short of magical. It not only engraves but also infuses vibrant and durable colors into the material. The result is a project that stands out with a richness of hues and shades that captivate the eye.

  • Diversity in Design

The ability to create 500+ shades of color opens up a world of possibilities. From intricate patterns to elaborate designs, the Delta 22W allows you to explore the vast spectrum of colors, adding depth and dimension to your artwork.

  • Durability That Lasts

These colors aren’t just for show; they’re here to stay. The oxidation process ensures that the colors remain vivid and durable over time, preserving the beauty of your creations for years to come.

Imagine engraving a design and seeing it come alive with a burst of colors. With the AlgoLaser Delta 22W, this vibrant reality is just a project away.

Incredible Cutting Ability

One of the standout features of the AlgoLaser Delta 22W is its extraordinary cutting ability. Powered by a formidable 22W laser module, this engraver can handle a diverse range of materials and thicknesses with effortless ease.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 4

Efficiency Redefined

Effortless Material Handling

The Delta 22W’s powerful 22W laser module can seamlessly navigate through various materials. The laser engraver excels in cutting and engraving a diverse range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, and paper, among others, with a capacity of approximately 30mm thickness. It’s important to note that each material demands specific settings for optimal results.

Reduced Passes, Enhanced Efficiency

The Delta 22W requires fewer passes for cutting, optimizing your time and effort. For instance, while others might need four passes to cut through 30mm pinewood, the Delta 22W achieves the same in just one pass, showcasing its superior cutting efficiency.

Maximum Cutting Potential

  • Black Acrylic: Cut through a remarkable 45mm of black acrylic, making it an ideal choice for your larger projects.
  • Basswood Plywood: Tackle up to 20mm of basswood plywood, ensuring your intricate designs come to life with precision.
  • MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard): Achieve clean and precise cuts through 12mm of MDF, a popular material in crafting and design.
  • White Oak: For your wooden projects, the Delta 22W can cut through 20mm of white oak, showcasing its versatility across materials.

Faster Than Ever Speed

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W redefines the concept of speed in laser engraving, propelling your projects to completion at an astonishing rate. With a mind-blowing actual engraving performance that’s 12 times faster than conventional options, it effortlessly breaks through industry boundaries.

Blazing Engraving Speeds

  • Up to 500mm/s Engraving Speed: The Delta 22W achieves speeds of up to 500mm/s (30,000mm/min) in engraving. This means your designs come to life in record time, saving you invaluable minutes and even hours on your projects.
  • Efficiency at Scale: When compared to other engravers, the difference in speed is astounding. For an engraving task with an image size of 350*350mm in grayscale mode with G-code cluster enabled, the Delta 22W completes it in just 39 minutes. In contrast, other machines would require a whopping 468 minutes for the same task. This exponential increase in efficiency is a game-changer for anyone working on larger projects or tight deadlines.

Fast File Uploading Speed

In the world of laser engraving, time is of the essence. The Delta 22W ensures swift file uploading, reducing waiting time. Uploading a file that’s ready to engrave takes a mere 10 seconds with the Delta 22W, a stark contrast to the 180 seconds it would take with other engravers. That’s almost 200% faster, allowing you to move swiftly from design to engraving.

Much More Powerful Motherboard

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W houses a powerhouse within—a cutting-edge motherboard that serves as the brain behind its exceptional performance.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 5

Exceptional Processing Power

  • 4 Core Dual CPU: With a 4 Core Dual CPU configuration, the Delta 22W packs a punch in processing power. This robust setup ensures that your engraving operations are executed with lightning speed and precision.
  • Memory for Efficiency: Equipped with 8MB RAM and 16MB Memory, the Delta 22W handles complex tasks and data seamlessly. This ample memory ensures that your engraver is quick to respond and doesn’t stumble when dealing with intricate designs or large files.
  • Ample Storage: The Delta 22W comes with a 32GB SD card, providing substantial storage for your engraving projects. You have enough space to store and access your designs easily.

OTA Upgrade: Customizable Engraving and Cutting Functions

The Delta 22W doesn’t stop at its current capabilities. It supports Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades, ensuring that your engraver stays up-to-date with the latest advancements and enhancements. This means you can imagine and look forward to customizable engraving and cutting functions for your business, continually improving and tailoring your engraving experience to suit your needs.


Assembly Has Never Been Easier

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W has been designed with you in mind, ensuring that from the moment you unbox it, your journey into laser engraving is smooth and hassle-free.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 6

Pre-Assembled Structure

This engraver boasts a pre-assembled structure, drastically cutting down on assembly time and effort. Embrace the convenience of saving time and diving straight into your creative endeavors. No need to grapple with intricate assembly instructions for hours on end.

Simple Installation Steps

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W offers a guided installation experience. Despite its pre-assembled structure, a few setup steps are in place to ensure everything is seamlessly configured. These steps are deliberately crafted to be simple and accessible, catering to users of all experience levels and making the setup process a breeze.

Additionally, the engraver boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire installation process. It provides clear guidance, from connecting components to comprehending the engraver’s fundamental functionalities, ensuring a swift and hassle-free setup.

Plug & Play Smart Air Pump

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W introduces a revolutionary Plug & Play Smart Air Pump, a feature designed to enhance your engraving and cutting experience to the next level.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 7

Automatic Airflow Adjustment

Operating the AlgoLaser Delta 22W is a breeze, thanks to its Smart Air Pump. It makes things easier by adjusting the airflow automatically based on how fast and strong you want to engrave or cut. You don’t need to worry about figuring this out yourself—the Delta 22W does it for you!

When it comes to doing the job just right, airflow matters a lot. Whether you’re engraving or cutting, having the correct airflow is super important for getting the best results. The Delta 22W’s Smart Air Pump makes sure the airflow is just right, so your projects are done with great accuracy.

Integration with AlgoLaser APP, LightBurn, and LaserGRBL Software

With the AlgoLaser Delta 22W, control is right at your fingertips. The Smart Air Pump integrates seamlessly with the AlgoLaser APP, LightBurn, and LaserGRBL software, giving you direct control over the air pump settings. This means you can adjust the airflow exactly the way you need it for your project.

No matter the task—be it delicate engraving or precise cutting—the Delta 22W is optimized for it. It adjusts the airflow intelligently, offering 30% airflow for engraving and a full 100% for cutting. The Smart Air Pump takes care of the details, ensuring your projects are executed with precision, whether you’re etching fine designs or making accurate cuts.

Multiple Security Protection

At AlgoLaser, your safety and the safety of your workspace are paramount. The AlgoLaser Delta 22W comes equipped with an array of security features that ensure a worry-free and secure engraving environment.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 8

Machine Offset Detection and Protection

Accurate engraving is vital to any project. The Delta 22W’s machine offset detection and protection system actively monitors and detects any deviations in the engraving process. If an offset is detected, the system intervenes, ensuring your engravings maintain the desired precision.

Machine Tilt Detection and Protection

A stable machine is a safe machine. The Delta 22W includes machine tilt detection and protection, providing an additional layer of safety. If any tilting or instability is detected during operation, the engraver takes protective measures, preventing potential hazards.

USB Connection Detection and Protection

Ensuring secure data transmission is crucial for an engraving machine. The Delta 22W’s USB connection detection and protection system monitor the integrity of the connection, preventing any potential disruptions or unauthorized access during operation.

The Delta 22W also actively monitors and protects against fluctuations in current and voltage. This helps in optimizing performance and ensuring a safe engraving environment.

Emergency Stop Switch Keylock

In case of an emergency, the Delta 22W is equipped with an emergency stop switch keylock. This allows you to halt the operation instantly, ensuring the safety of both the operator and the machine.

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W takes your safety and security seriously. With these multiple security protection features in place, you can focus on your engraving projects with peace of mind, knowing that your workspace is safeguarded.

Refining the Details That Matter to You

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W pays meticulous attention to the finer details, ensuring that every aspect of the engraving experience is optimized for your convenience and creativity.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 9

Magnetic and Detachable Laser Metal Cover

Maintaining the Delta 22W is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The engraver is equipped with a magnetic and detachable laser metal cover, allowing for effortless maintenance. This thoughtful feature enables you to swiftly remove the cover for thorough cleaning, ensuring your engraver remains in top-notch condition and performs optimally over time.

Experience the Next Level of Engraving with AlgoLaser Delta 22W, the World's First Smart Laser Engraver 10

Moreover, the detachable laser metal cover adds an element of enhanced flexibility to your engraving process. Should your project require a deeper cutting focus, removing the cover is simple. This grants you the freedom to adapt and experiment with varying cutting depths, perfectly aligning with the unique requirements of each project. It’s all about making your engraving experience convenient and adaptable to your needs.

Instant Image Engraving

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W takes engraving to a whole new level by offering a seamless and user-friendly instant image engraving feature.

Effortless Upload and Engrave via Screen

With the Delta 22W, engraving your design is a straightforward process. All it takes is uploading your design and starting the process directly from the screen. The interface is designed to be intuitive, guiding you through each step effortlessly. From design to engraving, the entire journey is smooth and enjoyable, free from complicated setups or convoluted procedures.

Gone are the days of waiting endlessly for your engraving to begin. Thanks to instant image engraving, the Delta 22W swiftly initiates the engraving process right after you’ve uploaded your design. This means you get to see your creations come to life almost immediately, bringing a sense of instant gratification to your engraving projects.

High Resolution for Complex Designs

The Delta 22W takes precision to a whole new level with its remarkable high-resolution capabilities. It empowers you to replicate intricate photos and complex vector images with flawless detail. This means that even the most elaborate patterns and fine nuances in your designs are faithfully transferred onto the material. The result is breathtaking, true-to-life engravings.

The Delta 22W doesn’t limit your creativity to simple designs; it excels at engraving complex photos with unparalleled precision and clarity. Whether it’s a portrait, a sweeping landscape, or intricate artwork, this engraver has the capability to bring out the subtleties and intricacies in your photos.

Laser Protective Lens Integrated within Air Assist Nozzle

In the world of laser engraving, safeguarding the delicate components of the machine is of utmost importance. The AlgoLaser Delta 22W takes this seriously and incorporates a crucial protective feature—a laser protective lens integrated within the Air Assist Nozzle.

Prolonged Service Life of the Laser

The laser protective lens in the AlgoLaser Delta 22W acts as a sturdy shield, providing robust protection for the laser throughout the engraving process. Serving as a barrier, it efficiently absorbs any stray particles or debris that could pose a threat to the laser. This ensures a secure and uninterrupted operation.

By effectively safeguarding the laser, this integrated lens significantly contributes to prolonging the service life of the Delta 22W. The enhanced durability and longevity it provides mean you can depend on your Delta 22W for countless engraving projects.

In the broader perspective, this protective feature translates into cost-efficiency. With a laser that benefits from a longer service life due to this safeguard, you can minimize maintenance costs and reduce downtime.


In a world where precision and creativity reign supreme, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence. This smart laser engraver doesn’t merely engrave; it crafts experiences, ignites imaginations, and redefines what’s possible in the world of laser engraving.

From its 22W laser module with advanced COS technology, which compresses laser spots for unmatched precision, to its ability to infuse over 500 shades of color into your artwork, the Delta 22W pushes boundaries and elevates your creations.

Speed is redefined with engraving 12 times faster than the industry norm, and file uploading takes a fraction of the time, thanks to its powerful motherboard. Safety is a priority, with multiple security features ensuring your workspace remains secure.

The Delta 22W simplifies your journey with a pre-assembled structure, intuitive interface, and the convenience of instant image engraving. Its Plug & Play Smart Air Pump ensures optimal conditions for engraving and cutting, and a magnetic, detachable laser metal cover makes maintenance a breeze.

This engraver doesn’t just meet your expectations; it anticipates your needs with a laser protective lens that safeguards your investment.

The AlgoLaser Delta 22W is where technology meets artistry, where precision meets creativity, and where innovation meets imagination. It’s more than an engraver; it’s a testament to what can be achieved when smart technology meets the world of art and design.

Unleash your creativity with the AlgoLaser Delta 22W—a revolution in laser engraving that invites you to explore, imagine, and create like never before.

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