3Doodler 3D Printing Pen Review

3doodler 3d penTechnology is rapidly changing the way people access information. Today, people rely on smartphones, tablets and other unique technologies in their day to day living. In the creative arena, the influence of technology can also be seen. The 3Doodler 3D printing pen provides a new technology for creatives to take art to the next level.

The 3Doodler Pen allows anyone to create new artworks and dive into 3D printing like never before. However, how well does the printing pen work? How does it compare to other similar devices and what are its pros and cons?

In this 3Doodler review, we seek to answer all these questions.

3Doodler Review: The Features

The 3Doodler printing pen is the worldís first 3D printing pen. This explains why it is the most popular 3D printing pen in the market. The company behind the pen is known as WobbleWorks, and its main focus is on robotics and electronics.

The 3Doodler is compact and easy to use. To use the doodler, you only need to plug it into a power socket and start drawing what you want. You can trace shape templates for larger architectural structures, draw freestyle 3D sketches, or any other thing you want with the 3d printing pen.

3Doodler 3D Pen Pros

creating using the 3doodler penEasy to work with

The 3D pen is very easy to work with. You can easily turn on the 3Doodle by plugging its power cord into a socket. The pen has an indicator that will show you when it is hot enough and ready for use. While you can create 3D objects with the pen through hot, molten wax, you will not feel the high temperatures on your arms.

Great functionality

The 3Doodler pen comes with two highly functional speed buttons. One of the buttons is used for fast switching and the other for slow switching. When you push any of the buttons, the plastic will extrude. To stop the plastic from flowing, simply stop pushing the buttons.

The shape of the 3D pen makes it great for use by both right-handed or left-handed people. Moreover, you can use it to draw at nearly any angle. For instance, you can draw upwards with it. While the 3Doodler is somewhat heavy at seven ounces, it is still easy to work with.

Great possibilities

You can use this 3D printing pen to draw almost anything. The pen is extremely functional and it ís only your imagination that will limit the kind of art you can produce. The pen allows you to draw artwork, glasses, models, 3D jewelry, toys, replicas and so on.

For example, you can create customized objects such as holiday decorations, phone cases, posters and so on. You can also use the pen to create plastic items. The possibilities are endless. If your mind is blocked on what you should produce, check the stencils and templates at the 3Doodler site for inspiration.

Additional artistic strands

When buying your 3D printing pen, you can also order an assortment of about 50 strands to use for printing. These strands are available as either PLA or ABS strands. A typical strand measures about 10 inches and can print about 10 fees strand of doodled creations. Using ABS will make your work easier since the material is malleable and easy to work with.

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One of the main cons of the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen is that it can be difficult to create the drawings the first time you buy the pen. The penís grip can feel awkward and difficult for some people. The design of the plastic handle is also quite uneven and this is why you may find it difficult to draw 3D objects.

Using the 3D pen to draw on air is even more difficult. However, drawing on flat surfaces is easy and quite a joy. All in all, you will need a few days of practice before you can start to create amazing 3D creations.

How Does 3Doodler Compare to Other 3D Printing Pens?

The 3Doodler was the first 3D pen in the market and is hence the most popular. The pen is highly rated for its artistic functionality. In fact, it is considered more of a 3D printing craft pen than a printer because of the creative artworks it can produce.

Update: There is a new and improved version of the 3Doodler. Check our 3Doodler 3D Pen 2.0 Review

3Doodler Price: Should You Buy?

3doodler pen reviewThe 3Doodler 3D Pen is definitely a great buy for anyone looking to make creative 3D artworks. While you may take some time to learn how to use it, you will become accustomed to it within a few days. Within no time, you can be drawing creative items such as world landmarks, boomerangs, light fixtures, holiday decors and so on.

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Easy to work with. Simply plug its power cord into a socket.
Has speed buttons to control the flow of plastic.
Draw artwork, glasses, models, 3D jewelry, toys, replicas, etc.
Free 50 strands to get started with printing.


Difficult to create 3D drawings for the first time.
Drawing on air is even more difficult

The 3Doodler is a great pen with a lot of functionality. The pen is recommended for use by anyone above 12 years of age. Moreover, it makes a perfect gift for any artist.

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