Why 3D Printing Pens Would Make An Excellent Gift This Year

Everyone loves gifts. However, purchasing an impressive gift for a loved one has also posed as complicated for most people. Here is the good news; you can now get them a 3D printing pen. This innovative pen will fascinate both a person that seems to have everything and that who seems to have nothing as long as they are 12 years and older. This means now you have something to gift your nieces and nephews, your parents and even your siblings and kids.

What Is A 3D Pen?

A 3D printing pen is a futuristic pen that allows one to create 3 dimensional objects in the air by free hand. The pen has a mechanism that heats up plastic filaments and then extrudes it in molten state that is easily cooled and hardens on contact with air. The pen can be used by anyone as it does not require any technical know-how, software or programs.

  • Affordable and enchanting

The greatest thing about 3D pens that make them a great gift is the fact that theyíre affordable but extremely fun to have. The pen is easy to hold and work with and one can use it to create anything from childish doodles, to intricate complex designs of building plans. One can use the 3D pen to draw, sketch or trace in the air. The newest designs have an ergonomic and elegant appearance as they are made of a metallic casing. These pens are also small and therefore extremely portable just like ordinary pens. The person you gift this pen will love the fact that they can move with them anywhere their artistic mind inspires them to create in, be it the beach or the hillside.

  • Attractive Features

The 3D pen harbors excellent features. It has a heating mechanism thatís reliable and you can manually optimize the temperatures. That means you can doodle continuously without fearing interruptions and make adjustments to your designs as you wish.

There are 3D pen models that feature a continuous flow button which will enable you to concentrate on your project instead of the flow of extrusion material. The pens also have dual speed control buttons which enable you to get even the most intricate features of your design.

While the original pens use ABS or PLA filament material thatís easy to cool, newest advancement have seen the introduction of pens that use resin ink thatís solidified by UV rays from the tip of the pen. These new generation 3D printing pens also have a quieter operation as opposed to 3D printers. The new designs for the nozzles are able to produce more crisp and fine materials. In addition to these, 3D pens now feature an LED indicator and a cooling fan which makes it easy for you to doodle into narrow corners.

  • A Gift To Impress

Since 3D pens are new in the market, gifting your loved one with one will be making a statement. Currently not so many people own one of these gadgets and therefore when one gets them on Christmas, anniversary, birthday, grad or any other special event, their lives are changed forever. This gift will therefore be very special to the person receiving it and will change how they think of you and your relationship with them. The moment you place a 3D pen in the hands of your co-worker, teacher, grandparents or children, you are sure that they will treasure it, and for that reason you, forever.

  • A higher level of writing

3D printing pens write in the air. Read that statement again. The very first time the person you gift it to will be able to write in the air, the feeling of awesomeness will overwhelm them. This pen allows one to create a permanent line in the air. This pen has actually taken writing to a whole new level. When most people hear that the pen writes in air they get nervous. Well, here are simple steps of how this is done.

  1. First plug the pen into a power outlet or switch the power button on if it uses batteries.
  2. Insert one plastic filament strand into the pen.
  • Choose your ideal speed of setting by pressing on the two speeds and arrows on the body of the pen. Molten plastic filament will begin to extrude.
  1. Start drawing the lines of your piece.
  2. To change color, simply insert the new filament with the desired color. However, itís advisable to allow the old color to run out first before you do this to ensure uniformity.

There are two types of filaments strands, ABS and PLA filaments. Most pens also have two settings for temperatures of these. The 3D pens are ideal for use by every person thatís 12 years and older, budding or expert artist.

Perfect Tool for both Artists and Non artists

The best thing about gifting one a 3D pen is that they wonít feel like youíre challenging their abilities. It does not require any special art skills to be able to put the pen into use, and also does not require you to install any special software or programs. In fact, most armatures have surprised themselves and the community by creating amazing pieces even though they had little or no prior artistic experience. As long as the person you are gifting can hold a ball point pen, you can rest assured that they will certainly love having the 3D pen.


The introduction of 3D pens has given everyone a chance to smile. You have the opportunity to enable these smiles by gifting your loved ones one of these affordable next generation writing material.

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