3D Pen is The Perfect Christmas Gift This Year

What should I get him/her for Christmas? Which Christmas gift will be extremely fascinating for him? Well getting a perfect Christmas gift or a gift for any other special occasion can be an extreme torture. More so if the person you are buying the gift for is overly creative, talented or crazy about new technology.

This review is dedicated to you who were frantically searching the net for gift ideas. Behold, we come with the perfect solution for all your gifting worries. The 3D pen being one of 21st centuryís most popular invention and has put the creative art work on a totally new alert scale. But all this hype for another article, read on to discover why gifting someone a 3D pen can be the best gift decision you ever made.

  1. It is the best creativity tool for any budding or even expert artist

Art and creative abilities are multi-faceted. While one person will exhibit their creative abilities on ice or wood carved sculptures, another will be more thrilled by painting or drawing or even by designing applications or websites. Did you know that even writing is a form of art?

However, all these ways of expressing creativity that I mentioned lack one thing, none of them can be used to produce a stand-alone 3D creation. With a 3D pen, you can create life-like objects in air, and you can always be sure that your objects will be an attraction magnet and will be the headlines of any creative work.

A 3D pen resembles the traditional pen, except that it uses plastic or filament in the place of ink. This small difference however does not make a big impact on the ease of using the pen, although it does make an impact on the creations that can be made with the pen. A good quality pen is light to hold and gives a good grip on the hands. You can also be sure about the comfort you will have when making your 3D creation as all 3D pens are very comfortable to use even in long periods of time.

  1. A 3D pen comes in handy when making simple repairs

The best thing about purchasing a 3D pen as a gift is that it can be used for several things. Besides using it for creating 3D models, you can also use it to fix plastic objects like coffee mugs and even Lego toys. This is made possible by the fact that the pen uses ABS plastic, the same one thatís used in making a good number of objects.

You simply press out the molten plastic onto the part of the object that needs fixing and you will have your object looking as good as new. With this in mind, wouldnít it be safe for me to suggest a 3D pen as a money saving tactic? As long as you have a 3D pen, you donít have to throw away objects when some simple plastic chips off. Those in DIY projects will be extremely lucky to have this pen as it is a definite money saver.

  1. You can use it to merge objects

Having a 3D pen comes with the freedom to make your creative designs into anything you like, and you can change the outlook any time. With the 3D pen, you can merge plastic objects together, whether they are made from the 3D pen or just other random plastic. You can also extend those creations as you like.

  1. They are affordable

By all standards, Christmas, and every other celebratory event, is a good time to gift someone. The problem always comes in when money is the limiting factor and you are looking at cutting your costs. If when searching the net and Google accidentally pulled out for you the prices of printers, Iím sorry you had to go through that trauma. Be of good cheer though, 3D printers are very cheap and affordable and you donít have to strain like you would in buying 3D printers.

Best 3D Pens Review

Here are some 3D pens that we reviewed and passed the mark for giving back value for money.

This pen comes at the top of the chart of the 3D pens highly rated on amazon. It is among the most quiet and slimmest 3D pens. It is designed with both a temperature control and a speed control feature. It also has an anti-clogging technology that keeps the pen from jamming and therefore makes maintaining it very easy.

The first thing that will strike you about this pen is its sleek and ergonomic design. You will also definitely fall in love with the ample size LED screen that displays temperature and speed settings. The temperatures setting is both for PLA and ABS, and the speed setting can be set up to 6 times.

The shape and design of this pen is similar to that of the Samto pen that we will review later on. However, it has improved features like the LCD display screen for showing temperature and speed and also has a jam alert feature that alerts you when the pen is about to jam. This pen is slender and gives a good grip on the hands. It is also quiet yet very efficient. Itís sturdy and strong built is also created to last for long.

Like the 3D printers Markerbot, these are the pioneer 3D pen in the 3D pens market. Although they gathered so much fame when they were first introduced, these pioneer pens were full of mishaps. Maintaining their temperature was difficult and they jammed up easily. The 3Dododler 2.0 is an improved version of the original. The manufacturer has fixed a lot of the complaints that came with the previous version. This version features a battery pack that can last you 3 hours on continuous use, a feed button that you can double tap for the continuous filament flow and extra nozzles for producing different strand sizes.


If this review did not satisfy your curiosity on 3D pens or you would like to know more about specific 3D pens, just click here to check our comprehensive reviews.

If you are ready to buy a 3D pen, Iím hoping you have done your research well. The best place to buy a quality 3D pen at the best price is on amazon or directly from the authentic dealers/manufacturer. Of course there may be other genuine dealers that sell the pens too, but just confirm the quality and authenticity of these pens from previous buyers. And definitely Christmas time is the best time to buy a pen since there are discounts being offered and all.

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